Fantastic Food in Egypt!

We are back home in Toronto and trying to stay warm during this blustery winter.  As we recover from our jet-lag, our little family has been talking non-stop about our holiday trip to Egypt.  Of course, we always talk about the food we ate while away. So here are some of the yummy dishes we enjoyed while cruising through Cairo, navigating the Nile, and hurtling through Hurghada.

We all love Middle Eastern food.  We find it very similar to Greek food and like how it is prepared. Almost every meal started with salads, dips and pita bread.  We enjoyed the variety and flavours as we traversed the country.


The spices were fresh and fantastic and we especially enjoyed them in some traditional Middle Eastern food like falafel and homemade yougurt! Also loved the lemon, chicken and orzo soup!

Main Meals

For main meals we loved the spices in the mixed grill meals and kebabs.  Grilled chicken was a favourite, as was Beef Tagine, as it reminded us of our time in Morocco.

A funny story with the food, we really like shwarmas/donairs and wanted to try some Egyptian street food.  We kept asking where we could get some…but they thought we were crazy to want shwarma over mixed grill/grilled chicken.  So on our last day, we finally got to try them….and it was a bit of a let down because it was a “higher end place” that gave us thick fluffy rolls with regular mayo…not the “street food” experience we were hoping for! Oh well..if that’s the worst thing:)


For dessert, it’s important to know the Middle East is a land of phyllo, nuts and honey – and it is all so delicious – it doesn’t matter which layer it is! We also really enjoyed the fresh oranges and pomegranates at every meal.

Dessert with oranges, rice pudding, and small baclava treats!

I also found a new favourite dessert that I will try to make in the near future….Om Ali….I will keep you posted on how it goes!

We are looking forward to trying out some new recipes at our Egyptian Global Fieldtrip Night….are you interested in trying them out?  Stay tuned for more information!

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Food in Egypt!”

  1. Ravi Puliani says:

    Yummy!! Indeed mouth watering.

  2. Sandra Campbell says:


  3. JEnny says:

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the food! It certainly looks lovely!

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