A Fun and Relaxing Day in Hurghada

Egypt is not all about temples, tombs, and pharaohs.  After our time in Luxor, we traveled north-east to Hurghada on the Red Sea and stayed there for a couple days.  As a fun and relaxing day in Hurghada, we went off the paved roads and into the sandy desert. What better way to relax than drive spider cars and ATVs in the desert before going for a camel ride and then learning about a Bedouin village.

The Spider Cars

The Spider cars were so much fun to ride through the desert. I was in a car with my dad and my sister was with my mom. The spider cars are very similar to normal cars, so Mikhaila was able to practice her driving while my dad turned a fun drive in the desert into a roller coaster!  We had to wear scarves over our faces because there was a lot of sand and dust in the air when we drove the cars.

So excited to drive these

My dad and I in the car

Mikhaila gets to drive

So much fun!

The ATVs/Quadbikes

Driving the ATVs was the most fun in my opinion. ATVs are similar to motorcycles, but there are four wheels and no gears to change. As an adrenaline seeker, this was really fun because there were no seat belts or barriers to hold us in, all we could do was hold on for dear life, or ride with no hands to experience more of a thrill!

Fun times!

So cool

No hands!

The Bedouin Village

After a very long safari through the desert, we finally arrived at the Bedouin village. As soon as we arrived, we got to ride camels!

After the camel ride, we learned how the Bedouins live. We learned about the natural medicine they use, their water source, how they make bread, and how they weave wool into bags, mats, and scarves. The Bedouins do not believe in using chemicals as medicine, so they only use natural resources.

Their natural medicine.

They also have a well they use as their primary water source.  We were able to see in use which was really neat.

A couple of the ladies showed us how they make their bread and cook it over a fire. We also were able to try it and it tasted really good.

The weaving was also really interesting to see. The two sisters worked together to weave mats, scarves, bags etc. Since so many tourists visit them on a daily basis, they can speak many different languages all from just listening to other people’s conversations.

This day in Hurghada reminded me very much of when we rode camels in Morocco in the Sahara Desert.  It was a great way to experience a different part of Egypt.

2 thoughts on “A Fun and Relaxing Day in Hurghada”

  1. JEnny says:

    Great Fun! I guess the spider cars are faster than the Camels!! Ha, Ha. Love the great info and the wonderful photos! Love, Baba

    1. Zoe says:


      Yes the spider cars were definitely faster than the camels, but they were both a lot of fun to ride! 🙂

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