Don’t You Want To Sail Away…

Our first week of our French exchange was so much fun!  From Monday to Friday, Mikhaila, Zoe, Juline, Clelia, and I were in a rowing and sailing summer camp in Annecy Lake, right up the street from Jacques and Virginie’s house.  In the morning we learned how to row, and in the afternoon we sailed catamarans.  It was a great way to practice our French and learn new skills.


This was Mikhaila and my first time rowing  and we really enjoyed it.  We got the chance to try out single, two person, and four person rowboats.  My favorite was the single rowboat because I could go really fast or at my own pace.

Learning how to use the oars.

Mikhaila in the single rowboat.

Rowing in the 2 person rowboat.

The 4 person boats.

Rowing was so much FUN!

I have seen rowing in the Summer Olympics and the athletes make it look easy.  It is hard, but so much fun, especially when you go very fast!


In the afternoon we got to sail catamarans.  Mikhaila, Clelia and I were on the bigger catamarans called “Dragoons”.  Juline and Zoe were on the smaller ones called “Teddys”.

The Dragoons.

The Teddy.

There was plenty of wind every day and sometimes if we caught the wind perfectly, our boat would practically fly!

Sail full of wind.

Mik is a good captain.

I am a pro!

One day, the weather was particularly nice and hot.  Mikhaila was sitting right on the edge of the boat steering.  I just had to.  I pushed Mikhaila into the water.  It was so funny!  After that, she kept trying to push me in, but I was too quick for her and made it to safety in time… Unfortunately, when I tried to escape her, I fell off of the boat.

Trying to tip her off the boat again.

Water fight!

On the last day of camp the Dragoons, Teddys, Picos, Optimals, and paddle boards all had a big race.  All of the Dragoons were on a team, all of the Teddys were on a team, all of the Picos were on a team etc.  There was one buoy for each kind of boat to go around and then head to the finish line.  For us to win, all of the Dragoons had to pass the finish line before the other teams did, and luckily that’s what happened.

The Dragoons in first place!

The Teddies are in second.

The other awesome part was that we were out on the water all day looking at the beautiful mountains!


Panoramic view!

This camp was a lot of fun and it was nice to be on the water all day.  Last year Mikhaila and I went to a summer sailing camp and the catamaran was very similar to the other boats we sailed before.

It was a great opportunity to work on our old skills, learn some new tips and also practice our French. It was so much fun and a great way to start off our time in France!

If you ever go Annecy, France I would definitely recommend going out on the lake in a rowboat or on a catamaran.  If you are with another person, the best time to push them into the water is when they are steering!

So fun!

10 thoughts on “Don’t You Want To Sail Away…”

  1. Sharon Faulhaber says:

    You are absolutely fearless. Well done travelling & accepting any challenge that comes your way. Tres bien!

    1. Zoe says:


      Merci! Having an open mind helps keep the adventures coming to me! 🙂

  2. JEnny says:

    Everything is so beautiful! Thank you for the lovely commentary and wonderful photos!

    1. Zoe says:


      It was impossible to take a bad picture there because everything was so beautiful! 🙂

  3. Oma says:

    It was a lot of fun to read about your boating adventures plus to see the beautiful scenery. The photos are just great, what a exciting way to spend the Summer. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Zoe says:


      Everything was so beautiful there and we had so much fun experiencing the boating adventures. 🙂

  4. Juline says:

    Moi aussi j’ai adoré le camp c’était trop cool.
    J’adore quand ZOE {CANADA} faisait ses roues sans les mains

    1. Zoe says:


      La procheine fois que je te vois, Je peux t’enseigner comment faire un roue sans les mains.

  5. Zoé d' Annecy says:

    on a bien rigolé quand on a appris que MIKHAILA était tombé dans l’eau parce que Zoé (Canada) l’avait fait tombé du bateau ! 🙂
    L’aviron nous faisait mal au main parce que nos main se frottaient contre elles et l’ongle arrachait des bout de peau.
    J’aimait bien quant Zoé du CANADA faisait ses acrobaties :
    -les roues sans les mains
    -le poirier
    -le pont
    -le poirier ou Zoé du CANADA retombait en pont
    -le grand écart…
    Zoé d’ANNECY

    1. Zoe says:


      Je peux t’enseigner le grand ecart, le poirier, est les roues sans les mains la prochaine fois que Je te vois.

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