Last, But Not Least!

For our last Global Fieldtrip Night we enjoyed a different type of evening. The weather was amazing, so we were able to start our gathering outside.

The Summer weather was gorgeous!

The Summer weather was gorgeous!

We started off with eating of course by having an international pot luck. People brought dishes from different countries and gave us a taste of their favourites!

The format of our presentation was also different. Bev and Chen shared some of their amazing travel photos with the group. They highlighted Egypt and Equador to name a few….

Instead of slideshow, Mikhaila and Zoe created a Jeopardy game that had images and questions from our year of Global Field Trip nights. Of course, friendly competition was welcome and soon, teams were challenging each other and their answers. One team even challenged Mikhaila’s scoring – but if anyone knows Mik – she was “on point”. It was impressive to see the kids answering a lot of questions….it showed they were listening to our previous presentations and something had resonated with them.

And the answer is.....

And the answer is…..

Of course the stakes were high….the winning team was able to get dessert first!

So this now brings our Global Field Trip nights to a close. It was a great way to relive our trip through our pictures and stories, and share them with our friends and families. We will miss our monthly gatherings….but feel we must move on to more travelling so that we can share more of our adventures! Of course we are open to crowd funding…if anyone wants to fund our travels – we are more than happy to continue and share the Global nights – just say the word and add to our funds!

One thought on “Last, But Not Least!”

  1. Renate Tutte says:

    Opa and I had an absolute wonderful time to revisit some of the places the four of you saw. we also enjoyed some of the stories that were not in the blog and the comments of your friends during the presentation. It was great fun to see the children participate in everything. The food was always an adventure and delicious. Since we have not and will not travel to the wonderful places that you have visited, it was a very special treat for us. We learned a lot in a fun way. It was just great and we are sorry, that the monthly “outings” are over, but I re-read once in a while some of your blog. Thank you to all of you for having this get-together and sharing your travel adventure so generous. It was also great to meet and get to know some of your wonderful friends and neighbours. Love Oma and Opa and “Gazillion Hugs” Mikhaila, Zoe, Katina and Oliver you are the best

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