Another Birthday Abroad!

Happy birthday to me!  I’ve had the opportunity to celebrate my past birthdays in different countries all over the world, including Ireland, Peru, and Costa Rica.  This year I had the incredible experience of celebrating my 16th birthday in France while on an exchange.  

My special day started with birthday wishes from my family and friends and a fun day of rowing and sailing at camp.  That night, we (the Lenoble family, their cousin Clelia, Zoe, and myself) got in the car and drove up the mountain through small towns to get to a restaurant called “La Ferme” which served traditional foods of the area.  

The view from the restaurant

Beautiful scenery!

Before dinner, we hiked for a few minutes up the mountain to watch a group of paragliders.  It was awesome to watch and looked like a lot of fun!

At the restaurant, we tried a lot of different foods such as beignets de pomme de terre (deep-fried grated potatoes), tartiflette (a mix of potatoes, onions, cheese, and pork), and escalope paysanne (thin slices of lamb, white ham, cheese, mushrooms, and fresh cream).  It was delicious!  After dinner, we enjoyed a decadent chocolate cake.  

Celebrating together!

Birthday cake!

Getting ready to blow out the candles

The Lenoble family is a very kind and generous family, and they gave me a beautiful French perfume for a birthday present.

Celebrating birthdays around the world is a great way to experience different cultures.  Firstly,  all the cultures sing a song with almost an identical tune, except they are in different languages such as French or Spanish.  Secondly, sweets are always involved, whether they are a gourmet cake or delicious cupcakes.  Finally, lit candles are used to wish for good luck.  All of these international experiences were fantastic and I realize it doesn’t matter what country you are from, celebrations are a big part of all of our lives.

I had a great day thanks to Virginie, Jacques, Juline, and Zoé.  My sixteenth birthday was a lot of fun and a truly unforgettable experience.  I wonder where I might celebrate next year… off to get my atlas! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Another Birthday Abroad!”

  1. Ingrid Stevens says:

    hello Mikhaila, happy sweet 16 ! Thank you for your blog. I still like to read all your adventures.
    Have a great time in France.
    friendly greetings,
    Ingrid from Belgium xxx

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Hello Ingrid,

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! We still think of the incredible time we had in Belgium with your family and hope we will see each other again!

  2. Sandra Campbell says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts Tutte family. Mikhaila, what an awesome experience1

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Hello Teta Sandy,

      It was an unforgettable trip and I had a great time!

  3. JEnny says:

    Hi Mikhaila, That certainly was a lovely Birthday! I loved the blog and the beautiful photos! Keep Travelling–I love to learn of your adventures!

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Hi Baba,

      Thank you! I had a great birthday!

  4. Oma says:

    Hi, Mikhaila, what a great way to celebrate – international😀 and I remember when we celebrated in Germany. How lovely that the Lenoble family had such special surprises in store for you. The food sounds delicious, the para gliders look very colourful, and with the celebrations here you sure had a special 16th Birthday. Thanks for sharing

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Hi Oma,

      My 16th birthday was unforgettable! I had such an amazing time celebrating with the Lenoble family!

  5. Juline says:

    OUI c’était trop bien surtout quand on jouait aux cartes
    j’espère que MIKHAILA a bien aimé son cadeau.

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Bonjour Juline,

      Les jeux de cartes étaient trop amusants! C’était une anniversaire magnifique!

  6. Zoé d' Annecy says:

    L’anniversaire de Mikhaila était bien !!!!
    On a pu voir des parapentes prendre leurs envols. :p
    Zoé d’ANNECY

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Bonjour Zoé,

      C’était une journée fantastique! J’ai aimé regarder les parapentes!

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