Welcome, Friends!

What do you get when you combine 40 friends, interesting foods, and special guests from India?  If you guessed a Global Fieldtrip Reunion, you guessed correctly!

Way back in June we enjoyed the company of our dear friends from India, Ravi and Anju Puliani.  As it turned out, this was the year they decided to take us up on our offer to visit Canada, and the timing was perfect with Canada 150 celebrations in full preparation.

Of course, we couldn’t keep Ravi and Anju to ourselves!  We needed to share the joy of India with our friends.  So we hosted a small gathering of 40 of our closest friends and prepared for the ultimate Global Fieldtrip Night!  The goal of these evenings has been to share our love of travel and our experiences while on the road.  Our time in India was among our most memorable, and was greatly due to the friendship and support we received from Ravi and Anju.  We had introduced them to everyone at our Incredible India Global Fieldtrip Night, and now, to have them here in person was truly an amazing experience for all.

Of course there was food…our theme was “A Canadian Potluck”, and we had all sorts of foods from different people and cultures.



Ravi and Anju shared a beautiful presentation of India with photos and new insights.

We had an added bonus, when our neighbour Victor pulled out his guitar and shared a beautiful song in Spanish!

Our evening included several other presentations including Bev and Chen who shared their climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, Chris and Bill shared their journey in Nepal, Kim and Denis shared their adventures through Southeast Asia, and Mikhaila shared her school trip experience to the Vimy 100 celebrations in May.  You can view the slideshow below…

We loved sharing our home with our friends and particularly with our special guests from India!  We hope that all who were able to join enjoyed as much as we did!

4 thoughts on “Welcome, Friends!”

  1. Sharon Faulhaber says:

    You guys continue to impress us all with your big hearts. Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey & memories.

    1. Oliver says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Love having a house full of people! It makes our house a home – and so happy to share it and our adventures!

  2. Ravi Puliani says:

    Thanks Oliver and the gang.

    Our visit to Canada, re-uniting with your family, the enjoyable stay at your place, meeting so many friends and family members and the get-togethers, all added up to a memorable visit and to top it all was the Canada 150.

    Your house in Delhi beckons you and your friends.

    1. Oliver says:

      Hello Ravi,

      Your generosity is amazing…you should be careful about what you wish for as our friends are just as adventurous as we are! You may well end up with a full house for an extended period of time!

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