Update: Holi 2016

In March we hosted our Incredible India Global Fieldtrip night, and one of the amazing celebrations we talked about was Holi.

This year, Holi fell on Thursday March 24th, and as every year it was a national holiday with colours everywhere and water fights in the streets!  If you have never experienced it, add this to your bucket list!

Our Indian family – Ravi, Anju, Pranav and Vidur – had a splendid time in their neighbourhood and shared a few photos with us…which we would love to share with you!

I also wanted to apologize to anyone who tried to make a comment on our Incredible India post.  I had run a systems update on the blog (yes, that’s geeky IT talk… 🙂  )  and it “switched off” the ability to make comments.  I’ve since fixed that one.

We did receive a few comments via email, and I wanted to share them with you below:

From Ravi and Anju:

Dear Oliver and the gang,

I saw your mail this morning and immediately read it. It is simply amazing to see the enthusiasm with which you continue to enjoy and re-live your travel experiences. There is a mark of perfection in whatever you do. I have seen the pictures of ladies dressed in sarees, the henna, the pani poori, et all. I am sure all of you must have had a lovely time. Mikhaila and Zoe are looking beautiful, Katina ofcourse, as usual is fabulous. I have not seen much of Oliver in the pictures, may be he is busy with the preparations, arrangements and the final coordinations.

It is exactly one year since you left India for your onward travels. Time flies. A few days back our neighbours (who played Holi with you) were remembering you. They had a lovely participation from you all. They were enquiring if you will be with us this year too. Holi is a little late this year, on the 24th March. You do have some time to make it to India.

With lots of love to all of you,


And from our friend Herta:

Hi Oliver…Have to re read your India night at least three times! Just LOVED the visit via video from your Indian hosts! Am really hopeful that I get to enjoy at least one of these evenings!

Keep watching our blog for more fun yet to come!

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