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Don’t You Want To Sail Away…

Our first week of our French exchange was so much fun!  From Monday to Friday, Mikhaila, Zoe, Juline, Clelia, and I were in a rowing and sailing summer camp in Annecy Lake, right up the street from Jacques and Virginie’s house.  In the morning we learned

Incredible Isabela

Splash! Our ride to Isabela was not the smoothest ride ever. Our boat was practically flying! It was even worse than the ride to the Great Barrier Reef. Luckily, there were not many people on the boat and nobody got sick.   Then finally after

A Hui Hou Hawaii!

To end off our wonderful time in Hawaii, we went on a hike up Diamond Head and went surfing at Waikiki! Our first stop was Diamond Head. We had to get up early in the morning while the sun was not too hot. Before we started climbing, we

Our Adventures in the Underwater World

6:30 AM: BEEP BEEP BEEP! Time to get up to go to the reef! Yay! We were going to another Natural Wonder of the World! The Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia. The boat was a close walk away from our apartment and the walk

An Enlightening Experience

To end our stay in Hoi An, we decided to participate in the lunar festival.   This celebration happens every 29 days (once every lunar month) on the night of the full moon.  The festival gives people a chance to honour their ancestors and wish for

Cruising the Bay

(Sung to the tune of “Down by the Bay”) Down by the bay, Where the pearl farms grow, Off of the boat, I dare not go, For if I do, I’ll get stung by a jelly fish, Have you ever seen a squid, not on

A Show on Water

Guess what…  We went sky diving! April fools!  We didn’t! Instead, we did something else that was really neat. Imagine… you walk into the dimly lit theater and are surprised by the stage. In place of the, normal platform, there is a large pool of

Happy Holi-Day!

Guess how this happened! Bring out your gulal and water guns and get ready to soak and colour people.  We are going to celebrate a holiday that I just learned about upon arrival in India….. Holi! Holi is a Hindu holiday celebrated all over India. During

Indian Gondola and Island- Part One

While in Kerala, we decided to have another girls day out and took a tour on the backwaters, which is a chain of canals and lakes that form 900 km of waterways throughout the state.  We woke up nice and early so that we could enjoy

South Goa is what I call Paradise

In South Goa, everything was beautiful.  Our R.C.I. resort, the Royal Palms was gorgeous, clean and comfortable.  It had a huge and very clean pool with lots of activities for everyone to enjoy.  South Goa is what I call paradise. Mikhaila and I had so much

The Home of the First Ancient Olympics…..

We had a great first day on the cruise and were very excited for the rest of our time traveling by boat around Greece and Turkey. We were even more excited the next day when we arrived at our first port in Greece…. Olympia. When

Rockin’ the Kasbah!

With the beauty of the sunrise fresh upon us, it was time to pack up from our camp and head out to explore some other interesting aspects of our desert environment.  Maybe even a kasbah or two! Berber Music We took a short drive from

Evian will put a “spring” in your step…

You can groan now, or you can groan later (at my puns)…but I’m here all year! While housesitting in Divonne-les-Bains, we took advantage of our location to visit some of the highlights in the area, and spent a lovely day in the picturesque town of