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A Super time in Southeast Asia!

Our Super Southeast Asia Global Fieldtrip night was another fantastic success!  We had about 40 guests who came out to share our adventures…the interesting thing was that again, it was a different mix of people.  We love sharing and making new friends! Some of our

Row, row, row your boat…

It used to be that the men of Hoi An would row, row, row their boats, gently down the stream…to the ocean! Hoi An’s proximity to the ocean, and the fact that it is a well protected harbour on the river made it an ideal trading

An Enlightening Experience

To end our stay in Hoi An, we decided to participate in the lunar festival.   This celebration happens every 29 days (once every lunar month) on the night of the full moon.  The festival gives people a chance to honour their ancestors and wish for

Wheel of Fortune?

Biking down the street through a village, one can see clay statues, giant kilns, and pottery shops. Where are you? The famous Thanh Ha pottery village in Hoi An, of course! One of the first mentions of the village in history was in the late

You Light Up My Life

In Hoi An there are lanterns everywhere that provide light and are great for decorations! Lanterns were first brought to Hoi An in the 16th century when the Chinese and the Japanese settled in Vietnam.  For 400 years, lanterns were used in shops and homes

Silky Worms

Nothing beats the softness and touch of real silk….but do you know how to figure out good quality silk? Silk is one of the main industries throughout Vietnam. For over 300 years, the people of the Champa tribe were leaders in silk making. They sent their

Our Cycling Adventure Continued….

After Zoe’s cliffhanger yesterday, you have probably been waiting eagerly to read this post.  So, without any further ado…. here is part two of our biking adventure! Boat Making One of our stops was to a boat making area where we saw the process of

So You Think You Can Cycle in Vietnam

Do you think you can ride your bike on the street?  For the ultimate test, go to Vietnam! We went on a free bike tour through the streets of Hoi An, and the surrounding Kim Bong Village. Our guide was a university student who wanted to practice

Hello, Hoi An!

It was time to escape the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, so we hopped onto a local flight and headed 1/2 way down the country to the lovely town of Hoi An. We stayed at a lovely, brand new guesthouse called the Phuc Thao Villa.  It

Cruising the Bay

(Sung to the tune of “Down by the Bay”) Down by the bay, Where the pearl farms grow, Off of the boat, I dare not go, For if I do, I’ll get stung by a jelly fish, Have you ever seen a squid, not on

Backstreet Bun Cha!

Whenever we go to a new country, we always try to find a way to cook some local dishes and get a feel for the food. In Thailand we went to an awesome cooking school that was really slick. In Hanoi, we thought we would

To He Or Not To He….

Happy Easter to all our friends and family who celebrate this holiday! For our next fantastic class with the Backstreet Academy, we learned how to make traditional toys called “to he” out of a homemade coloured dough (similar to Play Dough). This form of Vietnamese

Lions, and Tigers, and Masks, Oh My!

Get ready to get your hands sticky and colourful because we are going to make some traditional Vietnamese paper masks. As an activity in Vietnam with the Backstreet Academy, we decided to make paper masks that are used for an important Vietnamese holiday called the

Inspirational Backstreets

Be prepared to be inspired! As we search for unique things to do across Asia, we came across an amazing organization – the BackStreet Academy. The goal of the company is to connect travellers and tourists with local hosts who have some sort of expertise