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Memories of the Mediterranean

Our most recent Global Fieldtrip Night – Marvelous Mediterranean – was a resounding success!  So far at each of our evenings we have had a different mix of people attend every time and this weekend was no exception.  We had almost 40 people attend, including

Global Fieldtrip Night: Announcing Marvelous Mediterranean!

Picture it…beautiful beaches, the waves of the Mediterranean Sea lapping at your feet.  Overhead, gulls cry out as they look for their next free meal from a tourist! This month we will be featuring Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey with great stories, photos and food to help forget about the cold

A Bizarre Bazaar!

When I heard “Grand Bazaar“, I thought of a small market being run in the basement of a church. Was I in for a surprise when I visited the bazaar in Istanbul! It was more like a small city full of shops, vendors, shoppers, and

West Meets East, East Meets West

While on our trip, we are trying to learn as much as possible about all the religions we come across. For our time in Istanbul, Turkey, we learned about Christianity and Islam. I am still unsure about some things, so if I make any mistakes

Two Turkish Delights…

Imagine a place where the “above-world” and the “under-world” meet.  What could this place look like?  We found one intersection of “above/underworld” in Istanbul…the Topkapi Palace and the Basilica Cistern. Topkapi Palace This was the palace used by the sultans up until the 19th century,

Terrific Turkey!

After a wonderful, but short time in Greece, we were ready to move onto our next port – Kusadasi, Turkey. We jumped off the boat bright and early and made our way to the bus station. It wasn’t long before we had a number of

A Pirate’s life for me!

Haargh, me mates!  What better way to see the world than from the deck of a ship?! One of our goals in doing this trip is to try multiple modes of transportation.  To date, we have traveled extensively by car, we have done a bit