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Green Acres is the Place to Be!

From Essen, we moved onto our next housesitting assignment in the South of France; a small town called Bagneres de Bigorre. Over the past few months we have used Trusted Housesitters.com to find different places throughout Europe to take care of pets while owners are

Why Should We Get a Dog After Our Trip?

We were given the chance to housesit in Divonne les Bains for ten days with a black short haired German pointer dog named Truffle. He made me really want a dog when we get back from our trip. I think we should get a dog

Housesitting in Divonne les Bains

Well we are now at our next housesitting experience in Divonne les Bains. It’s a small mountain village in France right on the border of Switzerland. We are staying for the next week and a half at a beautiful home and taking care of an

Pip Pip Cheerio!

We’re moving on…it’s time to say “Pip Pip Cheerio to London! We’ve had a fabulous couple of weeks at the Elwin home. Staying in this house certainly made our stay so much more comfortable. We were able to rest and rejuvenate after our touring and simply

On the Move to London England!

Greetings from Katina…. Sorry I haven’t been on the blog; I was teaching an online AQ course for the month of July. I had an amazing class, but the wireless connectivity was somewhat sketchy and certainly made things more challenging. All my reports and paper

Dublin Tour and off to County Clare

Today is Thursday the 17 and our last day in Dublin.  We left our luggage in the hostel and walked to Dublin Castle to start our walking tour.  Our guide was a lovely Irish lady named Lisa.  She walked us to some famous places in