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Apps along the way!

As we’ve been visiting different cities, I have been experimenting with some different travel apps to use on our devices/phones to help make our travel either more efficient or more fun.  For example, using the Huntzz app, Zoe did a blog post of a scavenger

Fabulous Florence – Discovering the Secrets!

Florence is a beautiful city full of fabulous art and history. Over the course of our stay, and as you can see by Mik and Zoe’s blog posts, we went a couple of tours that focused upon the Renaissance and the Medici family. On our

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everybody! For our post today, we used a website to write stories called Storybird. But this website is different than most – it’s reverse storytelling. Artists provide pictures and inspire you to write a story about what is happening in them. When you create a story,

A Hunt Around Verona

While in Verona, like Zoe, I decided to make a Hunt. It is run on the app Huntzz and is a virtual treasure hunt. There are clues to follow around the city, and when the right answer is chosen, information is given on the building,

A Treasure Hunt Around Vicenza

We left Munich, Germany and made our way towards sunny Italy. We were able to meet up again with our friend Lydia to tour the lovely city of Vicenza.  It was great to have her with us because she knew a lot about art history

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

The Louvre is an amazing museum full of almost 35 000 artifacts.  Needless to say, the 13km former palace is not something that can be visited in an afternoon! We wanted to use some type of technology to help us navigate the museum, so we

Zoe’s Fabulous Harry Potter Tours

Hello, and welcome to Zoe’s Fabulous Harry Potter Tours.  My name is Zoe and I will be you tour guide today and tell you about movies, magic and more. Hover, or click on the dots on the lightning scar to learn more about Harry Potter

King Arthur’s Marvellous Tour

As a final project for the UK, Mikhaila and Zoe did some extra research on areas of interest. Mikhaila selected sites and information related to King Arthur – a favourite of hers. We hope you enjoy her tour! To learn more about places in the