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Our Second “Thirdly” Report

Can you believe it? We have now been travelling around the world for 8 months and thought it was time to share our second “thirdly” report on our experiences between Nov. 14-March 14th, 2015. Here’s what the last 4 months look like on a map… The

Prison Island

While in Stone Town, we like to relax at our hotel’s beach and enjoy the cool breeze. During this time, I was chatting with some of the waiters from the restaurant and one suggested we take a tour of Prison Island (Changuu in Swahili). The cost of an

Fabulous Food in Tanzania!

The food in Tanzania has been surprisingly lovely! We found the meals to be simple and very flavourful. For breakfasts we always had fresh fruit like mangoes and papayas and we were lucky to have chocolate chapatti pancakes while on Zanzibar!   Afternoon drinks often

Stone Town, Zanzibar

We arrived in Stone Town amid the midday heat and were greeted very warmly by our hotel reception at the Tembo Hotel. They have great apartments for families that are spacious, have nets, AC and most importantly – a beach and a pool! One special

Bubble Wrap and Beans!

Ouch! Don’t touch that jelly! While staying in our beach bungalow in Zanzibar, we spent a lot of time on the beach. The water was beautiful, the sand was great for making sandcastles, and there were lots of shells everywhere. Another thing we noticed were

Treasure Island

Have you ever been to Treasure Island? I have, and you might know the island as…. Zanzibar! At Upepo, we spent a lot of our time walking along the beach and playing in the soft sand. We call Zanzibar Treasure Island because when we walked

Beautiful Bwejuu, Zanzibar

After a wonderful time in Arusha, we returned to Dar via the Kili airport in preparation for our trip to Zanzibar. The island of Zanzibar can be reached either by plane or fast ferry. We decided to take the ferry as a cheaper option and

Climbing Mount Kili…. Or Not!

A visit to Tanzania isn’t complete without climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! We didn’t get the chance to climb the mountain though, so we’ll have to come back. Instead, we climbed a hill at the base of Mount Meru, the second tallest mountain, and visited the Ngiresi

Zoos= Animal Prison

In yesterday’s post, Mikhaila said zoos are great for many reasons. Although my family and I are big supporters of zoos, after going on the the game drives and seeing the animals run freely I can see that zoos can be like a prison for

Zoos = Fabulous!

Over the past few days, we went on three game drives and were able to see animals in their natural habitats which was an incredible experience. This prompted a great conversation in the car about whether animals should be in zoos or left in their

That’s What Friends Are For

That’s What Friends are For! And when you’re lost, and in dire need who’s at your side, at lightning speed with friends of every creature coming down the pike, in fact we have never met an animal we didn’t like! Didn’t like! (Song lyrics above

The Circle of Life!

This was our second day on our game drive, which we spent in the Ngorogoro Crater. It is a UNESCO World Heritage park and was incredible to visit. This national park is located inside a crater, called a caldera. This is formed when a volcano

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase… Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days, that is how we were feeling when we were in Arusha. We were relaxed and ready for some fun! We were very, very excited to go on our

Tanzania – It’s not winter here!

After 28 hours of travel from Cyprus, we were rewarded with glorious 34C heat in Tanzania!  We haven’t forgotten the winter of 2013-14 where we lost power in December for a week and had -34C.  This was a change for the better in my opinion!