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Bern, The City For Wanderers…

During the second week of our French exchange, we went on a tour to visit some small cities around France.  Since we were right by the border, we decided to stop in Bern, Switzerland so that we could practice our French and learn about a new city

Global Fieldtrip Night – Engaging Europe!

What do France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland all have in common?  They are all amazing places to visit and were featured in our most recent Global Fieldtrip Night – Engaging Europe! Back in September we presented our first Global Fieldtrip night featuring the Uplifting UK, and

Global Fieldtrip Night – Announcing Engaging Europe!

Our last Global Fieldtrip Night – Uplifting UK, was a great success with almost 40 people from different parts of our blogosphere attending an enjoyable evening of food and photos.  If you’re interested in viewing our photo slideshow, you can check it out here: Preparations are

Oven Baked Rosti Cake!

A popular Swiss dish (other than chocolate and fondue of course!) is rosti. This dish is traditionally deep-fried, but I wanted to make a healthier version.  I made this recipe for our Thanksgiving celebration and it was a real hit! It’s very simple to make

A Creamy Swiss Breakfast

In Switzerland, we noticed that a lot of people eat muesli for breakfast so we decided to make a creamy version of our own. We found a really fast and easy recipe, and I mean really fast and easy.  Have a look and try it!

Why Should We Get a Dog After Our Trip?

We were given the chance to housesit in Divonne les Bains for ten days with a black short haired German pointer dog named Truffle. He made me really want a dog when we get back from our trip. I think we should get a dog


If you LOVE CHOCOLATE, you have come to the right place! My family and I went to Cailler, a chocolate factory in Gruyere, Switzerland.  At the factory, we learned about the history of chocolate on a tour.  It was fun because in each room they had lights

United Nations: A Place For Peace

While in Switzerland, we did some research on the United Nations (UN) and thought it would be really interesting to go and see what we were reading about. We went on a guided tour of the UN and learned and saw many interesting things. The

It’s CERN-tastic!

Did you ever wonder how the universe was created? I have, so it was amazing when we were invited to visit CERN by our new Genevan friends Amy and Joao. CERN is a science organization that is based on the border of Switzerland and France. The name

A Proper Swiss Fondue!

I decided to do a post just on fondue in Switzerland, not only because it’s delicious, but it’s important to know how the Swiss really do it! Thanks to our wonderful teacher friend Iniyal, for connecting us with her highschool friend Amy, who is currently

“These are a few of my favourite…scenes”

At this point in time we have driven just over 5000 km since the beginning of September!  We have seen some really beautiful scenery along the way.  Of course, 9 times out of 10 we see some stunning vistas while we are driving.  Our conversations during these

Housesitting in Divonne les Bains

Well we are now at our next housesitting experience in Divonne les Bains. It’s a small mountain village in France right on the border of Switzerland. We are staying for the next week and a half at a beautiful home and taking care of an