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Memories of the Mediterranean

Our most recent Global Fieldtrip Night – Marvelous Mediterranean – was a resounding success!  So far at each of our evenings we have had a different mix of people attend every time and this weekend was no exception.  We had almost 40 people attend, including

Global Fieldtrip Night: Announcing Marvelous Mediterranean!

Picture it…beautiful beaches, the waves of the Mediterranean Sea lapping at your feet.  Overhead, gulls cry out as they look for their next free meal from a tourist! This month we will be featuring Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey with great stories, photos and food to help forget about the cold

The Perfect Spanish Dish!

As we are cooking traditional foods in every country, for Spain, we found a cooking class where we learned how to cook a dish called seafood paella (pronounced pie-ye -ya). It was a really neat class and the paella was delicious! There were also other people

Mmmmm…Tapas and Sangria in Barcelona!

If you’ve read our other blog posts, one thing you know about is that we love to learn new things.  And we love food.  And ultimately, we love to learn about new foods…and share them with you!  In Barcelona we encountered a Spanish favourite, Tapas and Sangria!

Our Own Gaudi Artwork

After seeing all of the artwork with mosaics created by Gaudi, we wanted to try to make our own mosaic art.  We found a great place on Trip Advisor called Mosaiccos  and decided to have an art class for school that day. Our classmates were from

Art Around the Streets of Barcelona

Have you ever been on a street art tour? We went on a street art tour around the Old City and the New City in Barcelona, Spain. There is a lot of art around the streets of Barcelona. Most of them are Gaudi inspired mosaic

Good Gaudi!

Who was Antoni Gaudi? Most people know him as the architect of the world famous church the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. But what many people don’t know are things about his personal life. For instance, did you know Gaudi’s first work was a gas lamp? He

Welcome to Barcelona!

Today we arrived to beautiful sunshine and blue skies in lovely Barcelona, Spain.  Having settled into our apartment, we jumped into a cab and headed to the old city…the gothic quarter. Barcelona has their own version of Paris’ Champs Elysees called La Rambla.  With it’s wide,