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A Fruit and a Root!

For our Cambodian cooking class, I chose mango salad and lotus root with pork. I picked the salad because I love mangoes and I picked lotus root with pork because it was different.  Success! Everything was delicious! Try these recipes to taste for yourself! For

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For…

For those of you who have read my other post on Apsara dancing, this is the moment you have all been waiting for… As another Backstreet Academy activity, we did Apsara dancing. We arrived at the Plateau association, where we would learn how to this

A is for Apsara

I love dancing, learning new dances and trying new food. These are just a couple of reasons why I liked going to an Apsara dance performance and dinner. Apsara dancing is a traditional Cambodian style of dance.  When apsara dancers are on the stage, they

An Enlightening Experience

To end our stay in Hoi An, we decided to participate in the lunar festival.   This celebration happens every 29 days (once every lunar month) on the night of the full moon.  The festival gives people a chance to honour their ancestors and wish for

You Light Up My Life

In Hoi An there are lanterns everywhere that provide light and are great for decorations! Lanterns were first brought to Hoi An in the 16th century when the Chinese and the Japanese settled in Vietnam.  For 400 years, lanterns were used in shops and homes

So You Think You Can Cycle in Vietnam

Do you think you can ride your bike on the street?  For the ultimate test, go to Vietnam! We went on a free bike tour through the streets of Hoi An, and the surrounding Kim Bong Village. Our guide was a university student who wanted to practice

Cruising the Bay

(Sung to the tune of “Down by the Bay”) Down by the bay, Where the pearl farms grow, Off of the boat, I dare not go, For if I do, I’ll get stung by a jelly fish, Have you ever seen a squid, not on

Lions, and Tigers, and Masks, Oh My!

Get ready to get your hands sticky and colourful because we are going to make some traditional Vietnamese paper masks. As an activity in Vietnam with the Backstreet Academy, we decided to make paper masks that are used for an important Vietnamese holiday called the

A Show on Water

Guess what…  We went sky diving! April fools!  We didn’t! Instead, we did something else that was really neat. Imagine… you walk into the dimly lit theater and are surprised by the stage. In place of the, normal platform, there is a large pool of

My Favourite Thai Dish!

As part of our Thai cooking class in Bangkok, we made my absolute favourite Thai dish… Pad Thai! After you read this recipe, you will be eager to start cooking so you can enjoy a delicious meal…  You can eat it at every meal, in fact, we