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Coptic Cairo!

After visiting places of worship of the ancient Egyptians at their temples, we decided to visit more “modern” places of worship. To do this we took a trip to Coptic Cairo. Coptic Cairo is the oldest part of the city of Cairo. Although in most

World Religions: Incan Spirituality

“Life is a game, nothing more.” This is a quote by a shaman we met in Peru. We went with Lainie and their group to a “despacho ceremony” which is an Incan religious ceremony to give offerings to Pachimama, or Mother Earth. We started by

Incan Spirituality 101

Throughout the year, I have learned and experienced different world religions, for example Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism.  The final one we experienced was the Incan faith during our time in Peru.  This faith really honours the Earth and offers a deep respect for nature.  When the Spanish

Buddhism in Bangkok!

Moving into South East Asia, the first religion we encountered was Buddhism in Bangkok. Even though it originated in India, it is much more popular here. Buddha was a human who achieved enlightenment and his teachings are used to help others achieve this state as well.  Achieving enlightenment,

Worshipping in New Delhi

While in New Delhi, we had the chance to see many religious buildings when we toured the city. Since I had done research on religions, it was good to actually see the places in person because it helped me to better understand what I’d read

Gorgeous Golden Temple!

In yesterday’s post, Zoe gave a great overview on Amritsar.  But she didn’t talk about the most beautiful building in the city.  It is the Golden Temple, a place of beauty and religion.   The Golden Temple was constructed in the 16th century during the

Our Lady of Lourdes

Today we left the farm and went to visit the town of Lourdes, which is only about 30 minutes from where we are staying. Lourdes is a very famous city in France and a place where millions of Christian pilgrims come to pray and pay

The Magical City of Glastonbury

I really liked visiting the city of Glastonbury because it’s the most magical city that I have ever seen. It wasn’t even just a feeling in your bones; it was everywhere. The first site we went to was Glastonbury Abbey. Since the Abbey was destroyed

The First of Many New Religious Experiences

Today, after a long day of touring, we thought we’d like to go to church. But not in just any church. We wanted to go to a church service at Westminster Abbey where the royal family hold their coronations, weddings and funeral services. The 5:00pm Evensong service