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The Yummiest Canadian Dessert

There are not many “Canadian” foods, but we managed to make some Canadian desserts while here in Victoria and they sure are delicious! My favourite Canadian dessert would have to be Butter Tarts! Here is how you can make this AWESOME dessert: Ingredients: 12 pastry cups

A Great Canadian Dessert Eh!

During our year long trip around the world, we have bee staying with many people and we wanted to be able to make something Canadian for them. We got this Nanaimo bar recipe from one of our neighbours back home, Gail, and have been making

The Best Aussie Dessert

Knock, knock Who’s there? Pavlova for, Pavlova for who? Pavlova for me! Yum yum! We were so happy to add pavlova to our global fieldtrip recipe book from Australia! (Especially me) We made it twice; once with Teta Mary and Alycia Siomos at their house,

Best Butter Chicken!

We’ve had a lot of great Indian food, and of course we need to share these recipes with you, our faithful readers! Of the meals we have had here, I have really enjoyed the Butter Chicken that our host-with-the-most, Anju made for us.  Here’s her

The Jewel called Jaipur!

After an amazing time in Delhi, we hopped on the train and headed to Jaipur!  Our early morning, 4.5 hour train trip was very comfortable, even if the guy sitting next to me practically had his head on my shoulder and was snoring like a chainsaw!  I

Tasty Tagine

Have you ever tried Moroccan tagine?  We have, and it is so yummy! While at our riad in Morocco, Latifa, the customer relations person, arranged for us to do a cooking class in the kitchen to learn how to make tagine.  We are really excited to add this

The Perfect Spanish Dish!

As we are cooking traditional foods in every country, for Spain, we found a cooking class where we learned how to cook a dish called seafood paella (pronounced pie-ye -ya). It was a really neat class and the paella was delicious! There were also other people

There’s a Leek in the Pot!

At Uncle Soto and Tante Gisela’s house we had many delicious German meals.  One was a leek soup which I really enjoyed and decided to make it for my German recipe. Here is the recipe: 4 Leeks 2 cloves of garlic 2 packages of fresh

German Trifle!

While we were staying at Uncle Soto and Tante Gisela’s house, we made our German dessert with Tante Gisela and our cousin Sophia. Trifle is actually English, but we figured since we were using German ingredients and made it in Germany, it was German! Ingredients

Oven Baked Rosti Cake!

A popular Swiss dish (other than chocolate and fondue of course!) is rosti. This dish is traditionally deep-fried, but I wanted to make a healthier version.  I made this recipe for our Thanksgiving celebration and it was a real hit! It’s very simple to make

A Creamy Swiss Breakfast

In Switzerland, we noticed that a lot of people eat muesli for breakfast so we decided to make a creamy version of our own. We found a really fast and easy recipe, and I mean really fast and easy.  Have a look and try it!

Pizza With A Twist!

A popular food in Italy is pizza which we saw/ate a lot of while in Northern Italy.  Since we are making dishes from different countries, this was the perfect meal for Italy.  This recipe is a different take on the delicious food and takes vegetables to a

Italy’s Yummiest Food….

While in Italy, my favourite food to eat was pasta. I wanted to cook my own that would be delicious, easy, and Italian! This recipe is for spaghetti bolognais, which I loved making and eating. Ingredients Spaghetti Ground meat 2 chopped peppers 2 cans of

An English Treat for Tea

I have another delicious recipe that I made!  Are you ready for it?  Scones! With strawberry jam and clotted cream! It was pretty easy to make and tastes delicious! All you need is 350g self-raising flour, plus more for dusting ¼ tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder