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An Exchange to Remember!

Waiting for your kids to come home from an overseas trip is nerve wracking.  Although you know an exchange experience is a great for them – the fact they are over 7000 km away makes it tough.  I guess this is something we will have

Another Grand Sight

Here is a riddle: Going down is an option, Going up is mandatory. Where am I? The Grand Canyon of course! While in Arizona, we decided to check one of the Natural Wonders of the World off of our bucket lists. To make sure we

Sedona Rocks!

We are no longer on our official Global Fieldtrip, but that doesn’t mean the fun and adventures have ended!  My dad had to be in Phoenix, Arizona for a business trip, so we decided it would be a fun idea for the three girls to

And Last, But Not Least

Sadly, South America was where we parted…. But not for long! We love sharing our adventures with you so much that we have decided to have one final Global Fieldtrip night.  For this night, we would like everyone to be involved! Date: Saturday July 23, 2016

Nifty North America= So Much Fun!

Aloha! Did you know that “aloha” means hello and goodbye? North America was amazing and even though we live here, there is so much that we don’t know about our continent and even our own country. It was so much fun revisiting all of our

Back to the First World-Global Fieldtrip Night

ALOHA! It is so much fun reliving our trip every month with pictures and food.  Our next destination…  North America!  Please fasten your seat belts and get ready to go to various places in Canada and the United States. Now, from Australia to North America

eSight: Vision for the (Legally) Blind

During our time in California with Uncle Brian, we had the chance to visit his work place. Uncle Brian is the President and CEO of a company called eSight which is a Canadian company that makes glasses for legally blind people. The glasses are actually

Happy 60th Birthday

Happy 60th Birthday Disneyland! While staying with the Mech family in L.A, we thought it would be a lot of fun to go to Disneyland together. So off we went, the four of us with Teta Stephanie, Caiden and Keon. Unfortunately, Uncle Brian was busy,

Happy Anniversary in LA!

While in LA and soaking in the rays and the sights, Oliver and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! It’s not that hard to believe that on our honeymoon we backpacked our way through France and Italy staying in hostels and slugging around our backpacks.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Think of a place where dreams can come true, where anything you can possibly imagine can come alive.  Where else but Hollywood! We had an enjoyable time visiting the home of some of our favourite movies. We spent a day walking first through North Hollywood

Tasty Nanaimo

Over the course of our trip, whenever anyone asks us about Canadian food, we are always at a bit of a loss on what really constitutes Canadian food? Sushi pizza? We are a country of immigrants that eat fusion so often we have no idea

A Great Canadian Dessert Eh!

During our year long trip around the world, we have bee staying with many people and we wanted to be able to make something Canadian for them. We got this Nanaimo bar recipe from one of our neighbours back home, Gail, and have been making

Go West!

We really enjoyed our housesitting in Victoria – it’s a beautiful city with lots of opportunities to hike and bike and enjoy the nature everywhere. We decided we needed to explore more of Vancouver Island so we followed a very popular route which took us

Emily Carr

“Dear trees, we don’t stop half enough to love and admire them.” This is a quote by Canadian artist Emily Carr. We learned about her while in Victoria and had the chance to see many of her works of art. Emily Carr was born December

Vivacious Victoria!

We loved our time on British Columbia’s mainland, but more adventures awaited us as we headed to Vancouver Island and BC’s capital city of Victoria. We had rented a car while in Vancouver and now we had a challenge – how do we drive our