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After a smooth train trip from Jaipur, we “magically” appeared in Agra…without even using that trusted magical phrase “abracadabra”!  Agra was our second stop in the “north India triangle”.  This “little town” of 1.2 million people is almost 1/2 the size of Canada’s largest city,

Tasty Tagine

Have you ever tried Moroccan tagine?  We have, and it is so yummy! While at our riad in Morocco, Latifa, the customer relations person, arranged for us to do a cooking class in the kitchen to learn how to make tagine.  We are really excited to add this

Moroccan Delights

While in Morocco, we were introduced to many new styles of architecture, culture and ways of life.  We really enjoyed the different types of Moroccan dishes we tried and wanted to share them with you all. For breakfasts, we would eat at our riad or kasbah

Rockin’ the Kasbah!

With the beauty of the sunrise fresh upon us, it was time to pack up from our camp and head out to explore some other interesting aspects of our desert environment.  Maybe even a kasbah or two! Berber Music We took a short drive from

Sunrise and Sunset in the Sahara

This is by far the easiest blog post I’ve ever had to write.  Our adventure continued to the big dunes at Erg Chebbi, about 70 km from the Algerian border.  We arrived at the dunes shortly before 5pm, with the goal of riding into the dunes

Sahara Desert Experience

Salam! (Hello!- in Arabic) As part of our trip to Morocco, we wanted to ride camels in the Sahara desert. To get to the Sahara desert from Fes, we had to go on a long drive.  We had a guide with us as well as a driver

Marvellous Moroccan Medina!

Welcome to  Fes, a city surrounded by a wall in Morocco. The wall was put there in the city’s early years to protect the citizens from invaders, but today it serves as a city border.  Within the walled city is a medina, or a walled market

Fabulous Fes!

While travelling throughout Europe for the past 4 months, we learned a lot about European history, art and so much more. We had a fabulous time in Barcelona, Spain and were wondering where we should go next. People gave us loads of suggestions – which