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Middle Eastern Delights!

The food in Israel has been amazing!  It is so flavourful and fresh that we decided not to cook for ourselves, but to eat from some of the best food stalls we have found so far on our trip.  We are not sure what makes

Our Indiana Jones Moment

Have you ever been to one of the seven ancient wonders of the world?  I have… Petra! While visiting Israel, we decided to be like Indiana Jones and jump across the border into Jordan.  We went on a full day tour around Petra and saw many ancient

Festival of Festivals!

Moving North through the country, we stopped in the city of Haifa, Israel. This city was smaller than Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but I think it was my favourite. The highlights of this city for us were the Festival of Festivals, and the Baha’i Gardens.

A different view of Israel

Our travels in Israel were not limited to visiting religious or sacred sites in the Holy Land.  We also visited some really interesting natural sites. Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park Located about 1 hour south of Jerusalem, this large National Park was really interesting to see. 

Olives on a Mountain

When I heard the words “Mount of Olives tour”, the first thing I thought of was a mountain full of olive trees where we learned how to taste olives properly.  Well, the mountain is full of olive trees but we did not get to taste them.  

This is Masada…

Imagine a fortress on the top of a desert mountain, overlooking the Dead Sea.  Sheer cliffs rise up 400 m on the eastern side, wrapping around the mountain and joining with 90 m high cliffs on the western side.  As we arrived a the site,

World Religions: Jerusalem, Part 2

As a second part to yesterday’s post, I’m going to share our learning and experience with the Christian religion and the Armenians who live in Jerusalem. Just like my mom said in her post, in Jerusalem, there are four quarters: a Christian quarter, a Jewish quarter, a

World Religions: Jerusalem, Part 1

While visiting the beautiful city of Jerusalem in Israel, we had the opportunity to visit some of the holiest places for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. It was an eye opening experience and really interesting to learn about the different religions.  There is so much content, I split

Journey Through Jerusalem

From Tel Aviv we made our way to Jerusalem; the eternal city, the holy city, the golden city. Right from the beginning, I just want to mention that we felt safe at all times. There were soldiers patrolling all areas of the city, but there

Terrific Tel Aviv!

Today we started our exploration of Israel with a tour of Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Jaffa is to the South and Tel Aviv is to the North. We started in Old Jaffa by the clock tower in the middle of the town. We learned that Jaffa

Surfing in Israel

Initially, we were a bit nervous to come to Israel as there were a number of reports on the problems between the various nationalities.  We weren’t sure if we should bring the kids to an area with so many problems that involve violence.  But given

Happy Chanukah!

While staying in Israel, we learned interesting things about Chanukah, and celebrated it with many people.  Here are some of the things I learned. First of all you should know that Chanukah is a celebration of miracles.  The second thing you should know is the

We Wish you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! We wish you a Christmas full of joy, love and peace! We had a great time at midnight mass in Manger Square, Bethlehem, Palestine.  Here are some photos from the event.  This is something we will always remember. We’ve now been away

Back to Shore!

Today is also the last day of our cruise. We have really enjoyed our time on the Norwegian Jade Cruise ship. It was a great way for us to travel to Greece and Turkey without all the driving. Of course, we would have loved to