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All the Way From Down Under to Canada!

One thing we feel really good about with our Global FieldTrip is that is has inspired others to “go for it” and travel – especially our family from Australia!  Last Christmas, our cousins from outside of Melbourne wanted to experience a white Christmas in Canada

Australian Robin Hood?

How do you become a folk hero by robbing banks?  Let’s check out the interesting story of notorious Ned Kelly. During the mid-1800’s Australia had its own version of the “Wild West”, particularly during the time of the gold rush. While the majority of people were

A Slice of Heaven

While in Melbourne, we had a chance to have a cooking class with chef extraordinaire Teta Maria Damchev. We baked Apple Slice which is a Hungarian dish, but since Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city, we are counting this as one of our Australian recipes. 🙂

The Best Aussie Dessert

Knock, knock Who’s there? Pavlova for, Pavlova for who? Pavlova for me! Yum yum! We were so happy to add pavlova to our global fieldtrip recipe book from Australia! (Especially me) We made it twice; once with Teta Mary and Alycia Siomos at their house,

Our Big Fat Aussie Family – (Part 3)

Coming from a big fat Greek family split between Canada and Oz, there are lots of relatives for us to visit, however with limited time we couldn’t meet with everyone. But lucky for us we were able to meet with some cousins of my grandfather.


Imagine a game with only one rule…there are no rules! That was my perception of Aussie Rules Football – also known as “footie” – until we went to see a game with our cousin Michael while in Melbourne! The league is called the Australian Football

An Aussie Riddle

What do you get when you combine 2 large families with roots from Greece and Macedonia in Australia? A BIG FAT GREEK MASO AUSSIE WEDDING! For those who have followed our trip and blog, many of you know that we like to crash weddings, but

Our Big Fat Aussie Family! (Part 2)

Still introducing the family – it’s a big one! In the previous post, I focused on Baba Ina’s family…today it’s Baba Fotini! Baba Fotini’s husband died in the war, but she still came to Australia and brought up her two children Patsy and BIll. While

Marvelous Melbourne!

After our whirlwind tour in Sydney, we hopped on a quick flight to Melbourne to check out what would prove to be a marvelous city. I really enjoyed Melbourne a lot.  It’s large, but not huge with a population of about 4.8 million.  This city feels like