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Europe Bound – On our way to Vimy!

As some of you may know, this year is Canada’s 150th birthday.  What some of you may not know, is that April, 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge, which took place during World War 1.  To celebrate these two important anniversaries, my

Pip Pip Cheerio!

We’re moving on…it’s time to say “Pip Pip Cheerio to London! We’ve had a fabulous couple of weeks at the Elwin home. Staying in this house certainly made our stay so much more comfortable. We were able to rest and rejuvenate after our touring and simply

Stories from Westminster

A big shout out to our friends Cathy and Morgan from Ottawa, Canada. Twenty years ago we were invited to a long weekend BBQ at their place in Ottawa.  There were a number of people there who participated in a water fight (Oliver and I

A Marvelous Musical

Last night, my family and I went to see Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre in London to have fun. The play is based on the book Matilda by Roald Dahl. Matilda is a fun musical about a five year old girl named Matilda Wormwood

An English Treat for Tea

I have another delicious recipe that I made!  Are you ready for it?  Scones! With strawberry jam and clotted cream! It was pretty easy to make and tastes delicious! All you need is 350g self-raising flour, plus more for dusting ¼ tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder

The Greatest Bridge in London

I learned about bridges in my science class last year.  Most bridges fall into 3 categories: beam, arch, and suspension.  London has a lot of bridges from a long time ago and some that are new from the year 2000! It was amazing to actually go on

The First of Many New Religious Experiences

Today, after a long day of touring, we thought we’d like to go to church. But not in just any church. We wanted to go to a church service at Westminster Abbey where the royal family hold their coronations, weddings and funeral services. The 5:00pm Evensong service

Getting around town…

There are a number of ways to get into the centre of London.  For us, a trip to the city centre takes us 30 minutes without any fuss. In Toronto, you basically have two choices: Drive Take a combination of train, bus, subway Option 1 can be

Getting your feet wet in London…

Grab your map, umbrella, and Wellies, and you’re set to tour in London! One of the things we love about travel is jumping right into the thick of things and getting our bearings. The Internet plays a large part in this as we do our research to

Olympic Update!

What does a city do with an amazing Olympic facility after the games?  Well that’s something we wanted to find out while in London. We decided to visit the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which is by the Stratford tube station and close to the house where

On the Move to London England!

Greetings from Katina…. Sorry I haven’t been on the blog; I was teaching an online AQ course for the month of July. I had an amazing class, but the wireless connectivity was somewhat sketchy and certainly made things more challenging. All my reports and paper