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What Are Giants Doing In Ireland?

Have you ever seen a giant? Let me take you on our journey along the Antrim Coast where I saw castles, cute towns and where I heard about a giant named Finn McCool…… After an interesting day in Belfast, we headed north along the Causeway Coastal

The Sad, but True, Story

“Our revenge will be the laughter of our children”. That was a quote by the Irish Republican Bobby Sands, who lived in Belfast. We drove to Northern Ireland today because we were curious about what the North was like. We went on a tour around the

The Jewels of Ireland

Over the past couple of weeks we have searched for the hidden gold of the Leprechauns.  Unfortunately, we did not find the gold at the end of the rainbow, but we did find plenty of jewels… You may have heard Ireland called “the emerald isle” on

A Long Time Ago, in Bunratty Village….

Today we visited the Bunratty Castle and learned lots of interesting facts about the defence of the castle and bits of information about the castle itself.  To learn more information about the defences of Bunratty Castle, click here to read Zoe’s post. After visiting the

8, 9, 10, 11, AAAHHHHHHHH!

What do you think would happen if you tried to attack Bunratty Castle? We went to Bunratty Castle and took a tour of the castle and the grounds. We started in the basement where we learned the history about the castle. We went outside and the tour guide,

Blackcurrant Cordial

Have you ever tried Blackcurrant cordial? I have, and I absolutely love it.  It tastes like sweet berries and a sour lemon mixed together.  We decided to make it because the place we are staying at has a blackcurrant bush so Mikhaila and I went

An Irish Breakfast Treat!

Since I really wanted to try interesting foods in Ireland, my mom went to the store and bought black and white puddings, which are made of pork meat and fat, oatmeal, other spices, and (only in the black pudding) BLOOD!   In the package, they

Blarney Castle – Kissing the Blarney Stone

I’m not sure about you, but I always visualized the Blarney Stone as being a huge rock in the middle of a field surrounded by tourists.  Maybe looking something like this (but with more tourists): But what the Blarney Stone actually looks like is this:

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland – July 21st, 2014

We got out of bed excited to go to the Cliffs of Moher which is a beautiful place where you can see the North Atlantic Ocean and gigantic cliffs as far as the eye can see.  You can also walk, hike, eat, sleep and many more

In a Magical Land Far, Far Away….

Today we visited the Blarney Castle and Gardens to kiss the Blarney Stone.  Our visit was divided into three parts.  First, we took a walk through a lovely forest that had beautiful tall trees, as well as a fern garden and a horse graveyard.  Next,