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Exploring Ontario – the Adventure Awaits!

After a fabulous Global Field Trip night, we started the official tourist part of Ravi and Anju’s holidays. Let’s go Ontario! Of course, when you are in Ontario, one must go and see the famous Wonder of North America – Niagara Falls.  So we packed up

Welcome, Friends!

What do you get when you combine 40 friends, interesting foods, and special guests from India?  If you guessed a Global Fieldtrip Reunion, you guessed correctly! Way back in June we enjoyed the company of our dear friends from India, Ravi and Anju Puliani.  As

Update: Holi 2016

In March we hosted our Incredible India Global Fieldtrip night, and one of the amazing celebrations we talked about was Holi. This year, Holi fell on Thursday March 24th, and as every year it was a national holiday with colours everywhere and water fights in the streets!

An Incredible India Evening!

Wow!  That’s all I can say!  What an amazing time we had reliving our adventures in Incredible India! Planning for this evening was lots of fun.  As for every evening we host, we like to share the various foods we tried during our travels, and the

Incredible India!

We’re back!  After a much needed break in January, we pulled ourselves, and our routines, together and we’re ready to resume our Global Fieldtrip Night schedule! To warm you up…can you name this landmark? On Saturday, Feb. 20th at 7:00pm, we welcome you to a spicy

Our Second “Thirdly” Report

Can you believe it? We have now been travelling around the world for 8 months and thought it was time to share our second “thirdly” report on our experiences between Nov. 14-March 14th, 2015. Here’s what the last 4 months look like on a map… The

A Fond Farewell to India

A virtual assault on the senses, India has been an interesting, incredible, and incomparable experience for all of us. From the moment we landed in New Delhi, we had the stark realization that we were in a land like no other. For the past 46

Happy Holi-Day!

Guess how this happened! Bring out your gulal and water guns and get ready to soak and colour people.  We are going to celebrate a holiday that I just learned about upon arrival in India….. Holi! Holi is a Hindu holiday celebrated all over India. During

Holi Bonfire!

Imagine a big fire on the street, but nobody is calling the fire department.  Instead, people are smiling and rubbing colours on your face.  This is how you celebrate Holikah Dahan, Holi Eve. Holika Dahan celebrates the victory of good over evil. But why a

Sari Shopping!

Our time in this wonderful country is quickly coming to a close as we start planning on moving towards South East Asia. Originally, we had only intended to be in India for a month, but we were so amazed and overwhelmed by the diversity of

Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh

नमस्ते- Namaste- Hello Just as the sun started to set, we stopped along the banks of the River Ganges to attend an Aarti in Rishikesh.  The ceremony had just started and a group of people were sitting around a fire, throwing in offerings such as

Remarkable Rishikesh

After a very enlightening day and evening in Haridwar, I was excited to see what the day would bring as we set out to explore Rishikesh. I had heard that, though only 20 km apart, Haridwar and Rishikesh would provide two different experiences of the

Haridwar’s Ganga Aarti

After a lovely tour of Haridwar, we went to the banks of the River Ganges to watch an important religious ceremony called the Ganga Aarti (worshipping with fire by the Ganges).  It was really interesting to see this ritual after doing so much research on

Gateway to God

We wanted to make sure we experienced the spiritual side of India, so after a quick stop in New Delhi to reconnect with our wonderful Indian family, we boarded an early morning train to visit one of the seven holiest places in India and one

Sunset Cruise

Having settled into our island paradise, we were given the opportunity to explore the local backwaters by canoe.  We simply could not pass up the opportunity for a lovely sunset backwater cruise! Since we were in the “Venice of the East“, we climbed aboard our