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Memories of the Mediterranean

Our most recent Global Fieldtrip Night – Marvelous Mediterranean – was a resounding success!  So far at each of our evenings we have had a different mix of people attend every time and this weekend was no exception.  We had almost 40 people attend, including

Global Fieldtrip Night: Announcing Marvelous Mediterranean!

Picture it…beautiful beaches, the waves of the Mediterranean Sea lapping at your feet.  Overhead, gulls cry out as they look for their next free meal from a tourist! This month we will be featuring Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey with great stories, photos and food to help forget about the cold

The Home of the First Ancient Olympics…..

We had a great first day on the cruise and were very excited for the rest of our time traveling by boat around Greece and Turkey. We were even more excited the next day when we arrived at our first port in Greece…. Olympia. When

A Pirate’s life for me!

Haargh, me mates!  What better way to see the world than from the deck of a ship?! One of our goals in doing this trip is to try multiple modes of transportation.  To date, we have traveled extensively by car, we have done a bit

We Are Family!

My dad, Steve Papulkas, comes from a small village in Greece called Ethniko. Throughout the 1900’s a number of the Papulkas families moved from the village to the “new worlds” for better opportunities, which included Canada and Australia. One Papoulkas family however, moved to Germany.