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Make Sure to Remember

Last year while on our trip to Northern France and Belgium, Mikhaila and Zoe created the following tribute for our Canadian heroes. Make sure to remember.

Global Fieldtrip Night – Engaging Europe!

What do France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland all have in common?  They are all amazing places to visit and were featured in our most recent Global Fieldtrip Night – Engaging Europe! Back in September we presented our first Global Fieldtrip night featuring the Uplifting UK, and

Global Fieldtrip Night – Announcing Engaging Europe!

Our last Global Fieldtrip Night – Uplifting UK, was a great success with almost 40 people from different parts of our blogosphere attending an enjoyable evening of food and photos.  If you’re interested in viewing our photo slideshow, you can check it out here: Preparations are

Charming Collioure!

On our way to Barcelona, Spain, we had the wonderful opportunity to stop along the Mediterranean coast and enjoy a couple of days in charming Collioure, France. Our friends Kim and Denis purchased a beautiful flat here last year and it is incredible! It’s located

Captivating Carcassonne

Carcassonne, a medieval walled city so old, it goes all the way back to the 6th century B.C. We visited the city for the whole day because it was there was a lot to see. We visited the highlights on a self guided walking tour

Terrific Toulouse

From Bagneres de Bigorre we went on a day trip to Toulouse.  While there, we went on a tour around the city. Here are some of the interesting points we learned while on our self guided tour.  We used the app called Discovery Itineraries which is a virtual

Our Lady of Lourdes

Today we left the farm and went to visit the town of Lourdes, which is only about 30 minutes from where we are staying. Lourdes is a very famous city in France and a place where millions of Christian pilgrims come to pray and pay

Have a Peek at the Pic du Midi!

Prepare to update your screen savers, desktop backgrounds, and lock screens… Today we made the 45 minute journey from Bagneres-de-Bigorre to the Pic du Midi de Bigorre, or Pic du Midi, which is one of the higher peaks in the Pyrenees at 2,877 m.  When we arrived

Farmer Joe’s Biggest Problem

I answered the phone… “He got out again?” I asked Farmer Joe. ” Yes,” said farmer Joe, “The problem is that my goat keeps escaping from his pen and everything I try to stop him ends up breaking. He just broke my new wooden fence!”

Let the Sun Shine!

“Mom, why aren’t the lights turning on?” Staying in Bagneres-de-Bigorre for 2 weeks was really interesting as we were living “off the grid“. This means the house is not connected to the power lines which deliver electricity. The house, all it’s appliances and electric fencing for the

Les Cochons et les Chevres- Ooh La La!

Oink, bleat, baah, cluck!  While staying in Bagnere-de-Bigorre for 2 weeks, we had the chance to look after different types of farm animals.  After our stay, we learned many things about the animals.  Here are different things we learned about the pigs and goats while

Farming in France

We had a lot of fun taking care of all of the animals in the South of France.  The warm temperatures made it a great experience because it was enjoyable walking in the sunshine. Usually in Canada at this time, it would be rainy and cold.

Green Acres is the Place to Be!

From Essen, we moved onto our next housesitting assignment in the South of France; a small town called Bagneres de Bigorre. Over the past few months we have used Trusted Housesitters.com to find different places throughout Europe to take care of pets while owners are

Pont du Gard – built to last!

Here is proof that when you build something properly right from the start, it can last a very, very long time!  When we met our friends, the Gervais/Kowalski family, in Grenoble, France, they highly recommended for us to visit the Pont du Gard while we were in the

Lest We Forget….

It doesn’t matter where we are…it’s important to remember our brave Canadian soldiers and all that they have done for us. As part of our homeschooling, we created a short video on the Canadian war effort based on our visits to different Canadian battle sites in