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Fantastic Food in Egypt!

We are back home in Toronto and trying to stay warm during this blustery winter.  As we recover from our jet-lag, our little family has been talking non-stop about our holiday trip to Egypt.  Of course, we always talk about the food we ate while

Fantastic French Food!

Food, glorious food! In France, there is a huge focus on food and Zoe and I had the chance to try many delicious French dishes while on our exchange.  We enjoyed crepes, quiche lorraine, tartiflette, and crème brûlée, to name a few.  For me, the

And Last, But Not Least

Sadly, South America was where we parted…. But not for long! We love sharing our adventures with you so much that we have decided to have one final Global Fieldtrip night.  For this night, we would like everyone to be involved! Date: Saturday July 23, 2016

Nifty North America= So Much Fun!

Aloha! Did you know that “aloha” means hello and goodbye? North America was amazing and even though we live here, there is so much that we don’t know about our continent and even our own country. It was so much fun revisiting all of our

Incredible India!

We’re back!  After a much needed break in January, we pulled ourselves, and our routines, together and we’re ready to resume our Global Fieldtrip Night schedule! To warm you up…can you name this landmark? On Saturday, Feb. 20th at 7:00pm, we welcome you to a spicy

Memories of the Mediterranean

Our most recent Global Fieldtrip Night – Marvelous Mediterranean – was a resounding success!  So far at each of our evenings we have had a different mix of people attend every time and this weekend was no exception.  We had almost 40 people attend, including

Global Fieldtrip Night – Engaging Europe!

What do France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland all have in common?  They are all amazing places to visit and were featured in our most recent Global Fieldtrip Night – Engaging Europe! Back in September we presented our first Global Fieldtrip night featuring the Uplifting UK, and

Delicious Peruvean Eats

Well, here is our last food post of the trip….and what a way to finish up!  The food in Peru was both interesting and delicious. We honestly didn’t find the time to do any official cooking lessons while there, but we did have the opportunity

Mikhaila and the Chocolate Factory!

Happy birthday to me! I have been really lucky and have had 2 birthdays on the road; one in Ireland and another in Peru. I started my special day with cake for breakfast and birthday wishes from my family and friends via email. I also

Chinchero: Part Two

Congratulations! You have waited until today to read this post! I bet you are sitting on the edge of your seat because you are so excited to hear what we did…. After our farming activity, we went to the family’s workshop to learn how to weave

Chinchero: Part One

While spending time with Worldschooler Lainie and her group, we did some amazing things. One of the activities we did in Peru was farming in a town called Chinchero. Lainie first met this family while drinking juice at a cafe. They told her and her

Edible Ecuador!

Of course we must do a food posting on some of the delectable delights we had in Ecuador. Now most people probably think they know South American food from visiting Taco Bell or the former Chi Chi’s, (tacos, burritos, enchiladas etc…) Well, there were some

Happy Anniversary in LA!

While in LA and soaking in the rays and the sights, Oliver and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! It’s not that hard to believe that on our honeymoon we backpacked our way through France and Italy staying in hostels and slugging around our backpacks.

Tasty Nanaimo

Over the course of our trip, whenever anyone asks us about Canadian food, we are always at a bit of a loss on what really constitutes Canadian food? Sushi pizza? We are a country of immigrants that eat fusion so often we have no idea