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World Religions: Incan Spirituality

“Life is a game, nothing more.” This is a quote by a shaman we met in Peru. We went with Lainie and their group to a “despacho ceremony” which is an Incan religious ceremony to give offerings to Pachimama, or Mother Earth. We started by

Our Last International Performances

While in Cusco, we wanted to learn more about the culture of Peru. What better way to do this, than to experience some traditional Peruvian music and dance? As we were walking around the city, we came across one of the last Incan descendants demonstrating traditional music.

Delicious Peruvean Eats

Well, here is our last food post of the trip….and what a way to finish up!  The food in Peru was both interesting and delicious. We honestly didn’t find the time to do any official cooking lessons while there, but we did have the opportunity

“It’s the journey, not the destination…”

Let’s say you were 11 or 14 years old and you were given a choice something like this…. You can stay at a really cool Eco treehouse-lodge in the Andes Mountains and do fun things like zip lining… Or, you can hike uphill for 3 straight

Star Light, Star Bright

It’s still my party! My birthday celebrations continued at night when we joined up with Lainie and her group and went to a family run observatory. We had to chance to look through a big telescope and were able to see Venus, Jupiter, and the

Mikhaila and the Chocolate Factory!

Happy birthday to me! I have been really lucky and have had 2 birthdays on the road; one in Ireland and another in Peru. I started my special day with cake for breakfast and birthday wishes from my family and friends via email. I also

Pitch Perfect Pan Flutes!

Throughout our year, we have enjoyed learning about many different instruments around the world.  While spending time with Lainie, she introduced us to a local artist and musician, Sabino.  He makes instruments for his career, such as guitars and flutes.  He also teaches music classes with

Incredible Incas!

Throughout our trip, we have met some amazing people who have really enriched our travels and experiences in different countries. While in Peru, we were lucky to meet up with the leader of the “World Schooling movement” Lainie Liberti and her son Miro. This dynamic

Four flew over the Cusco nest!

Up to this point it had been a real whirlwind of travel, going from LA to Quito, Ecuador and then catching an early morning flight to Cusco, Peru. This was to be the launching point for our trek to Machu Picchu.  Since we knew that there was