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South Goa is what I call Paradise

In South Goa, everything was beautiful.  Our R.C.I. resort, the Royal Palms was gorgeous, clean and comfortable.  It had a huge and very clean pool with lots of activities for everyone to enjoy.  South Goa is what I call paradise. Mikhaila and I had so much

Goin’ to Goa!

After leaving busy Mumbai, we arrived in Goa, which is quite a big contrast. Goa is very calm with not as many horns blaring in the background! This place is great for relaxation and slowing down from all of our touring. Goa is a lovely place to

Prison Island

While in Stone Town, we like to relax at our hotel’s beach and enjoy the cool breeze. During this time, I was chatting with some of the waiters from the restaurant and one suggested we take a tour of Prison Island (Changuu in Swahili). The cost of an

Stone Town, Zanzibar

We arrived in Stone Town amid the midday heat and were greeted very warmly by our hotel reception at the Tembo Hotel. They have great apartments for families that are spacious, have nets, AC and most importantly – a beach and a pool! One special

Treasure Island

Have you ever been to Treasure Island? I have, and you might know the island as…. Zanzibar! At Upepo, we spent a lot of our time walking along the beach and playing in the soft sand. We call Zanzibar Treasure Island because when we walked

Beautiful Bwejuu, Zanzibar

After a wonderful time in Arusha, we returned to Dar via the Kili airport in preparation for our trip to Zanzibar. The island of Zanzibar can be reached either by plane or fast ferry. We decided to take the ferry as a cheaper option and

The Home of the First Ancient Olympics…..

We had a great first day on the cruise and were very excited for the rest of our time traveling by boat around Greece and Turkey. We were even more excited the next day when we arrived at our first port in Greece…. Olympia. When

Charming Collioure!

On our way to Barcelona, Spain, we had the wonderful opportunity to stop along the Mediterranean coast and enjoy a couple of days in charming Collioure, France. Our friends Kim and Denis purchased a beautiful flat here last year and it is incredible! It’s located

A Proper Swiss Fondue!

I decided to do a post just on fondue in Switzerland, not only because it’s delicious, but it’s important to know how the Swiss really do it! Thanks to our wonderful teacher friend Iniyal, for connecting us with her highschool friend Amy, who is currently