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An Amazing Journey Through Time

Ten Days. Thirteen Excursions and Site visits.  Five Flights. One amazing journey! Our action packed adventure in Egypt felt as though it was over far too soon.  Having the opportunity to visit some of the oldest archaeological sites – some dating back 4500 years –

Fantastic Food in Egypt!

We are back home in Toronto and trying to stay warm during this blustery winter.  As we recover from our jet-lag, our little family has been talking non-stop about our holiday trip to Egypt.  Of course, we always talk about the food we ate while

Coptic Cairo!

After visiting places of worship of the ancient Egyptians at their temples, we decided to visit more “modern” places of worship. To do this we took a trip to Coptic Cairo. Coptic Cairo is the oldest part of the city of Cairo. Although in most

Magnificent Museum of Egypt!

We have travelled all over this amazing country and have learned so much in such a short period of time.  What better way to consolidate our learning than to visit the celebrated Museum of Egypt (Museum of Egyptian Antiquities )!   The museum is spectacular!  It

Shopping in Egypt!

After our time in Hurgada, we returned back to Cairo and decided to do some shopping.  We bought papyrus, perfumes, jewelry, and alabaster from different shops around the city. Papyrus Papyrus is one of the most popular things to buy in Egypt.  This plant was

A Fun and Relaxing Day in Hurghada

Egypt is not all about temples, tombs, and pharaohs.  After our time in Luxor, we traveled north-east to Hurghada on the Red Sea and stayed there for a couple days.  As a fun and relaxing day in Hurghada, we went off the paved roads and

A Tomb Fit For A King

What better way to start off your day than a hot air balloon ride at sunrise over the Valley of the Kings?  This is how we started New Years’ Eve! To start off our day, we took a hot air balloon over the city of

Temple Run Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our visit to ancient Egyptian temples! Temple of Karnak Karnak is one of the biggest temple complexes in the world. It is dedicated to the god Amun, who is usually depicted with the head of a ram. For this reason,

Temple Run Part 1

Although the Pyramids are the most famous constructions in Egypt, there many more incredible buildings that deserve recognition. In ancient Egypt, religion played a big part in everyday life. All over the country, there are many beautiful temples that have been preserved for centuries. Here

Goddesses, Obelisks and Dams, oh my!

Egypt feels like the Land of Oz at times…just one magical adventure after another!  Close on the heels of our amazing experience at Abu Simbel, we made our way to our next stop, Aswan.  Here we had the opportunity to see both ancient and modern marvels.

Amazing Abu Simbel!

After an incredible and quick immersion into Egypt by exploring the pyramids, we headed south to Abu Simbel…and the “wow” factor was about to get ratcheted up a notch! This didn’t just happen – as always there’s a story and a journey involved! Day two

Perfect Pyramids!

We were so excited to continue our hunt to see as many Wonders of the World as we could. So far, we have seen 5 of the man made wonders of the world: the Colosseum in Italy, Petra in Jordan, The Taj Mahal in India, The

Happy New Year From Egypt!

Happy New Year from our house to yours!  We wish you all the best for 2018!!!  May it be full of health, happiness and of course – TRAVEL! We are so excited to be back on the travel trail as a family….and are currently in

And Last, But Not Least

Sadly, South America was where we parted…. But not for long! We love sharing our adventures with you so much that we have decided to have one final Global Fieldtrip night.  For this night, we would like everyone to be involved! Date: Saturday July 23, 2016

Prison Island

While in Stone Town, we like to relax at our hotel’s beach and enjoy the cool breeze. During this time, I was chatting with some of the waiters from the restaurant and one suggested we take a tour of Prison Island (Changuu in Swahili). The cost of an