Sedona Rocks!

We are no longer on our official Global Fieldtrip, but that doesn’t mean the fun and adventures have ended!  My dad had to be in Phoenix, Arizona for a business trip, so we decided it would be a fun idea for the three girls to join him for the long weekend.  It was an action-packed long weekend and we got to see some beautiful parts of Arizona.

The family in front of Red rock

The family in front of Red rock in Sedona.

The first city we visited was Sedona, which is famous for the red rock found all around. The red colour comes from the mineral hematite or iron oxide. The rocks themselves are made of different types of sedimentary rocks, such as limestone, sandstone, and siltstone, from the Paleozoic Era.

The different layers of rock

The different layers of rock

There are many famous rock formations around the city such as…

Snoopy rock

I was excited to see this particular rock formation because I read a book on Storybird called “The Wristwatch Time Machine” which takes place in Sedona and mentions the Snoopy rock numerous times.

Capitol Butte

Zoe looking at Cathedral rock

Zoe looking at Cathedral rock

Cathedral rock

Cathedral rock

Cathedral rock

The people of Sedona have actually incorporated some of their buildings into the rock. One of the most famous is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which looks as though it is emerging from the rock.

It isn’t just the scenery that is magical in Sedona, there are some supernatural places located around the city called vortexes. A vortex is an energy site which enhances meditation, healing, and creativity. It isn’t a specific place, but a general area, usually in nature. There are two types of vortexes: masculine and feminine. Masculine vortexes provide outer strength, courage, and energy, while feminine vortexes provide inner strength, meditation, and inner peace. Many people come to Sedona to meditate and get energy from these vortexes. We hiked up to one vortex called the Airport Mesa, which has both masculine and feminine, so it had both types of energy in one place.  The view of the surrounding area was amazing, and I think anyone who goes can feel something special there. These sites reminded me of our time in Glastonbury, England. Both places have a mystical energy and power, and involve the natural world.

Visiting Sedona was a really neat experience. It was interesting to see the different types of rock which I have learned about at school. Sedona is a beautiful city and a fantastic start to our Arizona adventure!  Stay tuned for more!

3 thoughts on “Sedona Rocks!”

  1. Herta Park says:

    So pleased that your / our travels will be continuing. As mine are on hold for nor, I have been with you ( vicariously ).

  2. Renate Tutte says:

    Hi, Mikhaila, Opa and I enjoyed this part of your trip because we know so little about this area of the USA. It is so totally amazing to see the rock formations and was really interesting how buildings are put into this majestic landscape, without taking away from the natural beauty. All your reports make us grateful to take part in your travels and see it through your eyes. I like very much how you describe the mystical places. Thank you and love, Oma and Opa

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