Charming China and Awesome Australia!

What a combination!  At our last global fieldtrip night, we combined our images of China and Australia to showcase the similarities and differences between the two incredible countries!

We had a great crowd who were open to trying a variety of tastes such as stir fries and dumplings – and some which were quite unique – like Vegemite, and deep fried chicken feet.

The slideshow portion of the evening was interactive as people were curious about our time scaling and tobogganing down the Great Wall of China.  We also highlighted our time snorkling through the Great Barrier Reef in Oz.


The finale to the evening was our focus on Australian desserts: pavlova and lamingtons!  For China – how about some Red China velvet cake.

It was a fun evening of travel stories, culture and fun for all!  We look forward to our next Global Fieldtrip Night in May!

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