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Saving money to travel the world is a challenge.  And, once you are on your trip, you do not want to give your hard-saved money away to the banks in fees!  We explored the different fees from 3 of our Canadian Banks along with Visa and Mastercard.  Here is what we found:

President’s Choice (PC) Financial – Debit Card

  • ATM – $3.00 per withdrawal – 2.5% admin fee for amount withdrawn
  • If the word Plus is on the ATM – the machine should work
  • PC Master Card – exchange rate + 2.5% of purchase price
  • cash transaction – $5 fee to use +interest rate that starts immediately

*Tip-write down the numbers for lost or stolen cards and keep them in a separate location

TD Canada Trust

  • Sign up for a TD  Debit Visa Card – more acceptable internationally and can be verified by Visa
  • ATM – $1.50 – 5.00 per withdrawal  – depends on the location
  • TD all inclusive banking plan
  • $29.95 a month – will cover all international fees
  • If you maintain a balance of $5000 +, the $29.95 fee will be waived  – below $5000 will be charged

*Tip: call the bank every3 months – keep the bank informed as to where we are  located


  • exchange rate + 2.5% on amount purchased
  • cash withdrawal – $5 transaaction – 2.5% on amount withdrawn interest charges

2 thoughts on “Bank Information”

  1. Kim says:

    We found it no problem using our PC Financial debit card in the Plus machines while traveling in Spain, France and Morocco last year. It was pretty economical to withdraw cash in the local currency.

    1. Oliver says:

      Kim, thanks for the info! We use pcf as well, so hearing your success overseas sure is a relief!


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