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Last, But Not Least!

For our last Global Fieldtrip Night we enjoyed a different type of evening. The weather was amazing, so we were able to start our gathering outside. We started off with eating of course by having an international pot luck. People brought dishes from different countries

Charming China and Awesome Australia!

What a combination!  At our last global fieldtrip night, we combined our images of China and Australia to showcase the similarities and differences between the two incredible countries! We had a great crowd who were open to trying a variety of tastes such as stir

Super Southeast Asia Night!

From one area of Asia to another – off we go to remember our time in Southeast Asia.  Specifically this Global Fieldtrip Night will share our photos and reflections from Thailand, Viet Nam and Cambodia. Come join us on Saturday, March 19th at 7:00pm. As always, everyone

The Trippers Need a Break!

Hi All, We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a great start to the New Year! Up until now, we have been lucky to have Oliver at home and able to support our Global FieldTrip evenings.  Now that he has started his new job at

Happy New Year from the Global Fieldtrippers!

Happy New Year – All the best for 2016! Our last Global Fieldtrip Night highlighted our exploration of the Holy Lands (Israel and Palestine) along with Jordan and Cyprus.  There were close to 50 people in attendance even though it was on a Friday night.

Make Sure to Remember

Last year while on our trip to Northern France and Belgium, Mikhaila and Zoe created the following tribute for our Canadian heroes. Make sure to remember.

One Last Time…..

After almost 400 days on the road – it was time to go home. We have truly enjoyed our time in South America and know we will be back for more. On our way back to Toronto, we decided to enjoy every last moment….this included

Delicious Peruvean Eats

Well, here is our last food post of the trip….and what a way to finish up!  The food in Peru was both interesting and delicious. We honestly didn’t find the time to do any official cooking lessons while there, but we did have the opportunity

Original Ollantaytambo

After an incredible time on the Lares Trek and Machu Picchu, we were ready for some down time and the town of Ollantaytambo was exactly what we needed. The area is the best example of what Incan towns used to be like. Thankfully, the Spanish never bothered

Incredible Incas!

Throughout our trip, we have met some amazing people who have really enriched our travels and experiences in different countries. While in Peru, we were lucky to meet up with the leader of the “World Schooling movement” Lainie Liberti and her son Miro. This dynamic

Edible Ecuador!

Of course we must do a food posting on some of the delectable delights we had in Ecuador. Now most people probably think they know South American food from visiting Taco Bell or the former Chi Chi’s, (tacos, burritos, enchiladas etc…) Well, there were some

Quite the Quito!

We are lucky to belong to a fabulous neighbourhood in Pickering, Ontario. Our street is filled with amazing people who are very kind and giving. Our direct neighbours to the North of our house come from Ecuador. When Victor and Martha heard we were going

Happy Anniversary in LA!

While in LA and soaking in the rays and the sights, Oliver and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! It’s not that hard to believe that on our honeymoon we backpacked our way through France and Italy staying in hostels and slugging around our backpacks.

Tasty Nanaimo

Over the course of our trip, whenever anyone asks us about Canadian food, we are always at a bit of a loss on what really constitutes Canadian food? Sushi pizza? We are a country of immigrants that eat fusion so often we have no idea