A Photographer’s Dream

During our exchange, we had the opportunity to travel around Annecy and visit nearby towns.  The views and scenery were absolutely gorgeous!  These towns are often missed by tourists because people normally visit the larger cities and regions such as Paris, the French Riviera, and Burgundy.  It would take many hours of driving to reach these towns on the northeastern border.  Here is the route that we took from Annecy.  

Our route

Chanaz – We took a river cruise on the canals through the town all the way to the Lac du Lit au Roi.  We had beautiful views of the town from the water and continued to find new wonders when we explored on land.  The reason why some of the pictures are dark is because there was a big thunderstorm happening while we were in the middle of the lake.

The town of Chanaz

The streets of Chanaz


Kaysersberg – We spent two days in this town walking around and taking in the scenery.  It is a small town, but definitely worth the visit.  This town was my favourite because it is so picturesque.

Boats on the canal

A gorgeous bridge

A panorama of the vineyard

A bridge with flowers


Colmar – Colmar is similar to Kaysersberg but it is a lot bigger.  We spent a day exploring this town, which was really fun.  This town is actually considered to be the Alsatian wine capital, which is why there are so many vineyards nearby.  I wish I could say that I tried some of the wine, but since I’m underage, I’ll just have to go back!

Exploring Colmar

A canal


Montagne-des-singes – This is a monkey conservation park where over 200 barbary macaques live.  Visitors have the opportunity to walk around and watch them and can even feed them popcorn provided by the park.

On our 2014 trip, we had a great time going “off the beaten path” to small towns such as Bagneres-de-Bigorre, Loenhout, and a farm in Torino.  This gave us the chance to see how local people lived outside of the city.

It was great to experience these small French towns.  This was the first time I had heard of them, but I am so happy I had to chance to see them.  The next time you are in France, I would highly recommend you travel to these beautiful places.



12 thoughts on “A Photographer’s Dream”

  1. Sharon Faulhaber says:

    How lovely. What would it be like to live in such a picturesque & fairytale like setting. It’s wonderful that you have gotten to experience so much.
    Keep sharing.

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Hello Sharon,

      The towns were so beautiful! If I lived there, I would never stop taking pictures!

  2. Sandra Campbell says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mikhaila says:


      I had the chance to see some amazing places! It was a great trip!

  3. herta park says:

    Such a lucky young lady…..seeing all of these beautiful places while it is safe to travel and there are still wondrous places to explore!

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Hello Herta,

      It is important to live in the moment, otherwise fear will stop us from achieving our goals and dreams.

  4. JEnny says:

    Hi Mikhaila, Loved your photos! Your blog was very informative! Love, Baba

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Hi Baba,

      It was a lot of fun taking all of those pictures!

  5. Juline says:

    J’ai adoré la montagne des singes
    A un moment un singe a essayé de me mordre la main!
    C’était trop amusant

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Bonjour Juline,

      Je suis d’accord, la montagne des singes était très amusant!

  6. Zoé d' Annecy says:

    BERN était super jolie !!!
    C’était rigolo de donner des pop-corns aux singes !!! 🙂
    Il y avait même des singes qui étaient assis pour qu’on leurs donne des pop-corns
    Zoé d’Annecy

    1. Mikhaila says:

      Bonjour Zoé,

      Oui, c’était trop amusant de donner les popcorns aux singes!

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