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Tasty Nanaimo

Over the course of our trip, whenever anyone asks us about Canadian food, we are always at a bit of a loss on what really constitutes Canadian food? Sushi pizza? We are a country of immigrants that eat fusion so often we have no idea

The Yummiest Canadian Dessert

There are not many “Canadian” foods, but we managed to make some Canadian desserts while here in Victoria and they sure are delicious! My favourite Canadian dessert would have to be Butter Tarts! Here is how you can make this AWESOME dessert: Ingredients: 12 pastry cups

A Great Canadian Dessert Eh!

During our year long trip around the world, we have bee staying with many people and we wanted to be able to make something Canadian for them. We got this Nanaimo bar recipe from one of our neighbours back home, Gail, and have been making

Go West!

We really enjoyed our housesitting in Victoria – it’s a beautiful city with lots of opportunities to hike and bike and enjoy the nature everywhere. We decided we needed to explore more of Vancouver Island so we followed a very popular route which took us

Emily Carr

“Dear trees, we don’t stop half enough to love and admire them.” This is a quote by Canadian artist Emily Carr. We learned about her while in Victoria and had the chance to see many of her works of art. Emily Carr was born December

Have you Caught the Gold Fever?

Hundreds of years ago, there was a legend about somewhere full of limitless gold. This legend was called El Dorado. Everyone who heard about it became excited and wanted to find El Dorado so they could have a better life. This time was called the “Gold

Vivacious Victoria!

We loved our time on British Columbia’s mainland, but more adventures awaited us as we headed to Vancouver Island and BC’s capital city of Victoria. We had rented a car while in Vancouver and now we had a challenge – how do we drive our

West Coast Awesomeness!

We love the West Coast and really enjoyed visiting all of the great tourist sites…but nothing is better than staying with locals who are also very dear friends. About 20 years ago, I went to the University of Ottawa with one of my highschool friends Jenn

Learning the Native Way

We have learned a lot about the Natives in Alaska and thought we should learn about the ones in Canada, our own country.  The Native Center in Whistler was the perfect place to learn about them. This museum in the Whistler Village was for the

Wonderful Whistler!

After a great time touring Vancouver, we were ready to move to the resort town of Whistler. Here, we learned many interesting things about the previous Olympics and the history of the town at the Whistler Museum. One of the first settlers, Myrtle and Alex

Vancouver – Canada’s most livable city

Vancouver is ranked as the most livable city in Canada, and is rated number 5 in the world! I’m sure that being exposed to beautiful scenery each day – mountains and water – certainly helps to make the city an easy place to live. We

Cool with a “K” Ketchikan

“Next stop…  Ketchikan, Alaska!” We already learned a bit about the Tlingit Natives in Hoonah, but also wanted to learn about the Haida tribe.  Ketchikan was the perfect place to do just that!  When I did some research, I found out that the Totem Bight

Cities of the Midnight Sun

There are strange things done in the midnight sun       By the men who moil for gold; The Arctic trails have their secret tales       That would make your blood run cold; The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,       But the queerest they ever did see Was

Alaska Ahoy!

Our time in Hawaii was very relaxing, but eventually it was time to move on. What better way to transition out of “resort mode” than to take an Alaskan Cruise? After a short, 5 hour flight from Hawaii we landed on the western shores of