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It’s Time to Pick and Pack!

Don’t be shy, put the eye to the sky!  That’s how I like to pick fresh apples at the orchard! We are so lucky to have family in Australia who own fruit orchards.  When we arrived at the Damchev orchard we got straight to picking. Instead

Awesome Aussie Animals!

How ya goin’?  Before you read this post, how many native Aussie animals can you name?  We saw some awesome ones and I’m here to share our fantastic experiences! Koalas Koala bears aren’t actually bears, they are marsupials which means they carry their babies around in a

An Aussie Riddle

What do you get when you combine 2 large families with roots from Greece and Macedonia in Australia? A BIG FAT GREEK MASO AUSSIE WEDDING! For those who have followed our trip and blog, many of you know that we like to crash weddings, but

Two Penguin Paradises!

Here is a riddle: I am little, I am blue and white, I have wings but I can’t fly through the air and I have feathers… Who am I? A Little Penguin, that’s right! We were lucky enough to see these beautiful creatures in two

Our Big Fat Aussie Family! (Part 2)

Still introducing the family – it’s a big one! In the previous post, I focused on Baba Ina’s family…today it’s Baba Fotini! Baba Fotini’s husband died in the war, but she still came to Australia and brought up her two children Patsy and BIll. While

Great Ocean Road

“No warning seen from Otway’s lighthouse, On the coast a hazy gloom, Limestone cliffs stood quiet to welcome, Loch Ard to its doom.” “The Loch Ard” by Jim Low. Along the coast of Australia, there is a long and beautiful drive called the Great Ocean

Marvelous Melbourne!

After our whirlwind tour in Sydney, we hopped on a quick flight to Melbourne to check out what would prove to be a marvelous city. I really enjoyed Melbourne a lot.  It’s large, but not huge with a population of about 4.8 million.  This city feels like

Sensational Sydney!

I think we’ve become used to all the short flights we’ve been taking over the past few months, because our 11 hours of flights from Hong Kong to Sydney (via Singapore) really seemed unusually long!  So, after arriving in Sydney and getting into the timezone,

Zai Jian China!

After a whirlwind tour through Guangzhou, Beijing and Xi’an, we headed back to Hong Kong in preparation for our next international flight. We had 2 days left in this amazing country and we decided we wanted to have a bit of last minute fun, so we

Warriors Frozen in Time

Imagine being frozen in time for over 2200 years…buried with your emperor, unable to move, and not seeing the light of day until the middle of the disco era! This was the fate of the Terracotta Warriors!  This world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in Xi’an

Exciting Xi’an

We loved our time in Beijing – it was an incredible city and we had so many amazing experiences! We originally were going to only stay for 4 days – but extended our stay to a week so we could see as much as possible.

Another Brick in the Wall

On our trip we have seen a lot of walls. Here are just a few examples we have seen: the remains of the Berlin wall the huge wall between Palestine and Israel the one between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Although we have seen many, none

Foods of China!

During our time in China, we have had the chance to try many interesting and delicious Chinese foods. We learned there are different specialities of food in various regions of China.  In the South, Dim Sum is their famous dish and in the North, it’s Peking

A Fantastic Chinese Meal!

During our stay at Cindy’s hutong, we had the chance to take a cooking class. We learned how to make dumplings and stir fry meals with the help of Cindy and a local lady, Liao Min. It was a lot of fun and we had

Beijing Circus!

No visit to China is complete without visiting a Circus! China is famous for it’s acrobats and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to see a great performance while in Beijing. The show is performed a number of times throughout the day so we decided to