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A Fruit and a Root!

For our Cambodian cooking class, I chose mango salad and lotus root with pork. I picked the salad because I love mangoes and I picked lotus root with pork because it was different.  Success! Everything was delicious! Try these recipes to taste for yourself! For

Food glorious FOOD!!

What do Banana Flowers, Chicken and Bok Choy have in common? Not much!  However, you can use these ingredients to make a delicious Khmer meal! We usually try to take a cooking class in different countries we visit.  As part of our cooking class in Siem

Cooking the Khmer Way!

So here we are in Siem Reap and wanting to cook some of the local Khmer fare. We scoured the Internet and tourist areas for cooking schools and came up with Le Tigre de Papier.  What makes their cooking classes different is that they allow the

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For…

For those of you who have read my other post on Apsara dancing, this is the moment you have all been waiting for… As another Backstreet Academy activity, we did Apsara dancing. We arrived at the Plateau association, where we would learn how to this

Our Cambodian Temple Run

Welcome to day two of our temple run! On this adventure, we explored other temples around Angkor Wat which were really interesting and beautiful. Ta Prohm One of the main features of the Ta Prohm temple are the trees which have grown and worked their

What’s a Wat?

Imagine a place frozen in time, with mysterious faces looking out at you from the rock. Sound creepy? What if you could find the most divine sculptures and bas relief carvings right out in the open, not behind glass, and could practically reach out and

A Night at the Cambodian Circus!

Cambodia is famous for their circus performers. It’s not the usual circus with animals and clowns – but rather more like Cirque de Soleil with acrobats and amazing use of the body. As Oliver mentioned in his Siem Reap post, this country is still recovering and

Asia’s Beautiful Flower

The lotus is an aquatic perennial that can be found throughout Asia. The seeds of the flower can last a long time – in some cases over 1000 years! We have seen this exquisite flower throughout our Asian explorations . The beautiful bloom is said

Fear Factor Cambodian Style!

What creeps, crawls and tastes delicious? Bugs of course! During the Cambodian civil war, there were food shortages and people were starving to death. Many were forced to look for alternative food sources like bugs in order to survive. The bugs were often eaten alive, because

A is for Apsara

I love dancing, learning new dances and trying new food. These are just a couple of reasons why I liked going to an Apsara dance performance and dinner. Apsara dancing is a traditional Cambodian style of dance.  When apsara dancers are on the stage, they

Siem Reap – More than just Temples!

It may sound weird, but nine months into our RTW trip and we are running out of time! After an “unplanned extension” in Hoi An, Vietnam, we actually discussed whether to visit Cambodia, or to bypass it “until next time”. In the end we decided

Row, row, row your boat…

It used to be that the men of Hoi An would row, row, row their boats, gently down the stream…to the ocean! Hoi An’s proximity to the ocean, and the fact that it is a well protected harbour on the river made it an ideal trading

An Enlightening Experience

To end our stay in Hoi An, we decided to participate in the lunar festival.   This celebration happens every 29 days (once every lunar month) on the night of the full moon.  The festival gives people a chance to honour their ancestors and wish for

Wheel of Fortune?

Biking down the street through a village, one can see clay statues, giant kilns, and pottery shops. Where are you? The famous Thanh Ha pottery village in Hoi An, of course! One of the first mentions of the village in history was in the late

You Light Up My Life

In Hoi An there are lanterns everywhere that provide light and are great for decorations! Lanterns were first brought to Hoi An in the 16th century when the Chinese and the Japanese settled in Vietnam.  For 400 years, lanterns were used in shops and homes