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South Goa is what I call Paradise

In South Goa, everything was beautiful.  Our R.C.I. resort, the Royal Palms was gorgeous, clean and comfortable.  It had a huge and very clean pool with lots of activities for everyone to enjoy.  South Goa is what I call paradise. Mikhaila and I had so much

Viva Carnaval!

“Viva Carnaval!” That is what King Momo chants during the festivities. After an amazing time in North Goa, we decided to head South so we could see another part of the state.  During the drive down, I noticed a group of people wearing masks, pouring

Spicy India!

Goa is renowned for it’s wonderful spices, so we decided to do a tour of the “Tropical Spice Plantation” which is an organic spice-farm. We entered the plantation via a long wooden bridge that led us from the hot steamy Goan sun, into a cool

Stepping back in time in Old Goa

Goa, India…jewel of the South.  It’s not all just beach, pool, and awesome fun, you know!  It also has some interesting heritage sites!  As we toured the Goa region, one of our stops was the city of Old Goa. A bit of History Old Goa was

Goin’ to Goa!

After leaving busy Mumbai, we arrived in Goa, which is quite a big contrast. Goa is very calm with not as many horns blaring in the background! This place is great for relaxation and slowing down from all of our touring. Goa is a lovely place to

Elephanta Caves…. Without Elephants!

While in Mumbai, we decided to visit the Elephanta Island and caves because we heard they were very interesting to see. To reach the island, we took an hour ferry from the Gateway to India. When we arrived, we climbed stairs lined with souvenir shops

Bollywood and the Slum

We had a lot of fun learning about Mumbai, and of course Bollywood is a big part of the city. Bollywood is a portmanteau of two words: Bombay and Hollywood – but it’s actually called Hindi Film Cinema . Did you know there have been over

Magical Mumbai!

After a fabulous night out cruising Marine Drive and the Queen’s Necklace, we were excited to get touring during the day and discover the cool things about Mumbai. Many of you might be thinking….where is Mumbai – Isn’t it Bombay? And you would be right!

Mumbai by Night

After an uneventful flight from Delhi, we found ourselves in Mumbai.  Time and again we have proven that there is nothing like seeing a city through the eyes, or with the assistance of a local.  Mumbai was no exception! We met Utkarsh and Sejal during

The Best Indian Desserts!

Out of all the Indian dishes we made, I am writing about the most important. That’s right, I’m talking about desserts! These are two of my favourite desserts we’ve eaten so far; they’re almost as much fun to make as they are to eat! 🙂

Anju’s Cooking School- Day Four!

While staying at Anju and Ravi’s house, Anju cooked food that was so good, we needed the recipes. Two of my favourites were Pulao (Rice) and Kadhi (rice sauce). Pulao Ingredients: Rice • 3 cups Basmati rice • 4 1/2 cups of water (1 1/2

Best Butter Chicken!

We’ve had a lot of great Indian food, and of course we need to share these recipes with you, our faithful readers! Of the meals we have had here, I have really enjoyed the Butter Chicken that our host-with-the-most, Anju made for us.  Here’s her

Anju’s Cooking School – Day 2

We’re back again at Anju’s Cooking School in New Delhi! Anju is our teacher chef extraordinaire, while Pranav, Ravi and Ravi’s father are the taste testers and inspectors.  So far, we have passed the test! Today on the menu is Dahl and Bharta – these

Incredible Indian Food!

Traditionally, we tend to do our food posts closer to the end of our stays in a country so that we compile a number of eating experiences, but we thought – “why wait until the end of our stay? Let’s do some cooking right now!”

A Perfect Valentine’s Day Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate the holiday of love than to visit a monument of love! We walked to the Taj Mahal at 7:00 in the morning from our hotel which was only 500 meters away. The first word that came to mind